Adding the Right Pergola or Gazebo in Wylie, Texas

Residents of Wylie, TX enjoy a temperate climate throughout the year. Sure, a winter visits now and then that turns Dallas metroplex streets into ice skating rinks. However, winter storms are an exception to the mild to scorching hot weather rule. The question remains for Wylie, Texas homeowners: How do you create an outdoor living space that allows you to take advantage of the warm weather? Do you go with a backyard deck or an enclosed front porch?

The licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction has a better idea. We recommend you take a long look at installing a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo in the backyard. Since 1981, our highly rated home services company has enhanced the appearance of Wylie, TX homes by designing and building stylish pergolas and gazebos. By choosing either outdoor living space, you reap the benefits of adding a room to your house.

The only difference is this room sits outside.

Why You Should Install a Custom Pergola

Derived from the Latin term pergula, a pergola represents a beautiful addition to any home in the Dallas metroplex. What does enhanced aesthetic appeal mean for Wylie, Texas homeowners? It means an increase in home value. It is not just attractiveness that raises the value of your property, pergolas also create functional value that translates into a higher home price. Think about using a pergola to entertain friends and family members.

A Pergola does much more than offer eye candy. The outdoor structures also support the flora you have planted in the garden and around the perimeter of your property. Vine and climbing flowers native to central Texas produce visually stunning looks that will have everyone praising your pergola selection. Native plants such as wisteria, clematis, and grape vine turn an ordinary pergola into an object of rustic charm.

Benefits of Outdoor Gazebos for Wylie, TX Homeowners

Custom outdoor gazebos offer more open space for you and your family to relax on lazy summer afternoons. Because of more space, custom outdoor gazebos work well as second kitchens and dining rooms. You can set up a BBQ grill island under a gazebo. By installing vinyl covers on the open sides, you enjoy the flexibility to open a gazebo up when the weather permits and shut the covers to prevent wind and rain from dampening your day. One of the unheralded advantages of a gazebo is how the outdoor living space provides plenty of shade to prevent the sizzling central Texas sun from sending your guests scampering into your home. You can also attach portable air conditioners and space heaters to account for different weather conditions. Gazebos offer several design options, including round, square, oval, and octagon.

Design Ideas for Your Home

In addition to shape, Wylie, TX homeowners have several more design features to consider before adding a custom pergola or gazebo. If you want to create a bucolic ambiance, a lodge style design is your best choice. Your guests will feel like they are kicking back around a roaring campfire in the Hill Country. With a contemporary pavilion design, you achieve the open space benefit of a pavilion, without taking up too much room in the backyard. Faux timber generates the backcountry look presented by a simple cabin. The outdoor living space specialists at Brinker Construction recommend the classic design, which comes with a roof that completely covers the area where you want to entertain guests.

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