Add an Outdoor Living Room to your The Colony, Texas Home

With more than 35 years of experience, the licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction customizes outdoor living spaces for The Colony, TX homeowners. From adding a patio cover to building a large outdoor kitchen, we create more room for our clients to entertain guests throughout the year. Mild year round temperatures make installing outdoor living structures in The Colony, Texas a no brainer.

It is also a no brainer when you consider the value we add to your home. By building an outdoor living space, you increase the functional size of your property. An increase in square footage translates to an increase in the price of your home on the open market. Brinker Construction custom designs pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions that enhances the curb appeal area homes. Although curb appeal does not come with a fixed value, most assessors factor in a beautiful outdoor living space when calculating property values.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has led the way in designing attractive and functional outdoor living spaces in The Colony, TX.

Outdoor Living Space Design Factors

The first order of business when we conduct free home inspections is to determine the size of your backyard. We then analyze how much space you have to devote for installing an outdoor living structure. A swimming pool might force us to consider a small pergola, while more than an open acre near the fence line makes the perfect location to build a large pavilion. We also take into account the exterior decor of your home to ensure design compatibility. A brightly colored exterior works well with a boldly custom designed gazebo.

After determining the size and design of your new outdoor living space, we check with the local zoning ordinance to make sure your second living room complies with city code. It makes no sense to build an outdoor living space, only to move the structure somewhere else in the backyard. Our team of certified home services experts also complies with every standard established by the neighborhood homeowner’s association.

Taking Outdoor Living Structures to the Next Level in The Colony, TX

Brinker construction knows how to maximize the values of outdoor living spaces. By attaching storm flaps, we create a second living room or dining room that protects your guests against Mother Nature’s fury. The materials we use to design custom pergolas and pavilions resist the types of rips and tears that diminish the quality of similar outdoor living structures. Portable heaters and air conditioners turn an outdoor kitchen into a year round epicurean center. Hanging plants and flowers from rafters and support poles adds a natural touch to a custom pergola. We also recommend installing speakers to bring the indoor audio system outdoors to entertain guests.

Highly Rated Home Services Contractor

For more than 35 years, word of mouth advertising has helped Brinker Construction grow its business throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The digital era has turned literal word of mouth advertising into glowing online customer reviews. Check out what our clients have to say about us on sites such as Yelp and Google. Our team of home accomplished home services specialists has received the highest rating handed out by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Years of delivering superior home improvement projects and the use of transparent business practices has allowed us to earn an A+ from the BBB.

Discover why Brinker Construction is the right contractor to install an outdoor living space by scheduling a free inspection for your The Colony, Texas home.