Getting the Most Value Out of Your Sachse, TX Home

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has worked with Sachse, Texas homeowners to maximize the value of their properties. From installing new roofs to custom designing outdoor living spaces, our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals have earned the reputation for enhancing property values throughout the area. For custom outdoor living spaces, we perform free inspections that determine the size and appearance of a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion you want to build in the backyard.

Our client first approach to custom designing outdoor living spaces means we suggest ideas, but listen to your input to develop the ideal outdoor structure for your home. After performing a free inspection and listening to your input, our team of GAF certified professionals hunkers down for a couple of days to create a game plan. We then meet with you a second time to determine the best course of action that includes a detailed timeline for completing the project. Our goal is to build a beautiful outdoor living space, without disrupting your daily routine.

Benefits of a Custom Designed Living Space

Think of an outdoor living space as an extension of the inside of your home. You can build a custom pergola to expand the space you have to entertain guests. A large pavilion offers more than enough room to extend the dining room into the tranquility of the backyard. By connecting a cover to the patio, you create a semi-enclosed space located near the back entrance to your Sachse, TX home. Extra space means an increase in functional square footage, which automatically increases the value of your house.Add more prep room for the kitchen to host large dinner parties. Our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals create masterpieces that boost the curb appeal of your home. Enhanced visual appeal typically means your property is worth more on the open market.

How We Get the Most Out of Outdoor Living Spaces

Another benefit of adding an outdoor living space is you get to entertain guests throughout the year. The mild climate in Sachse, Texas is perfect for hosting parties during any month. However, we recommend attaching storm flaps to open-ended outdoor living spaces to protect your guests from wind and rain. The rugged materials we use to custom design pergolas, gazebos, and patio covers withstand the punishment delivered by Mother Nature. We also encourage our clients to add climate control equipment to the rafters of an outdoor living structure. Portable heaters take the bite out of Jack Frost, while portable air conditioners ensure your guests remain comfortably cool during sweltering central Texas heat waves.

Brinker Construction offers clients advice on how to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor living spaces. You can hang colorful plants and flowers from the rafters to create a peaceful ambiance or connect speakers on support beams to liven up the party. Weather resistant tapestries bring the decor of your living room outdoors. We have helped clients select artwork to transform an ordinary outdoor structure into a first class entertainment venue.

Always Available for Sachse, Texas Customers

Brinker Construction offers 24-hour per day emergency home services that includes repairing damage caused to outdoor living structures by strong thunderstorms. Whether you need a support pole replaced or a section of fabric repaired, we make sure your next social event goes on as planned. While other home services contractors sleep, Brinker Construction  offers emergency services that cannot be beat.

Call our office or complete the convenient online form today to schedule a free inspection for your Sachse, TX home.