Make The Right Fencing Company Choice In Sachse, Texas

You have decided to install fencing around your Sachse, Texas home. Do you want to make it a do it yourself fencing project or hire a home services company that has received the highly respected GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation? The answer is an easy one when you learn what a GAF certification means.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has completed superior quality fencing installations throughout the Dallas metroplex. GAP awarded us its certification not only because our tremendous accomplishments, but also because we operate our business transparently. You never have to deal with hidden fees in a contract or experience costly delays that eventually derail your fencing project. We deliver what we promise, and we deliver our promise of high quality for every home services project in Sachse, TX. If that isn’t enough to build trust, the highly respected consumer advocacy organization Better Business Bureau has bestowed its highest rating of A+ on the experienced fencing specialists at Brinker Construction.

Choose the Best Fencing Option

Many of our clients simply want to establish a physical boundary around their properties. A medium height picket fence leaves no spaces between the boards to prevent unsavory characters from checking out your home. Install a split rail fence for the most affordable way to mark your property.  If you build a tall enough picket fence or vinyl fence, you can create more privacy for your family and the guests you invite to social events. The customer service oriented professionals at Brinker Construction recommend stockade fencing for clients that want to establish the utmost in home security. We suggest chain link fences for Sachse, Texas homeowners who want to prevent pets and young children from satisfying curiosity.

Reasons for Installing a Fence in Sachse, TX

With the average fence setting you back between 43,000 and $5,000, what do you get out of the investment? The value of your home should increase, as appraisers factor in aesthetic appeal and the extra security most fences deliver. A tall fence designed for privacy gives you the peace of mind knowing nosy neighbors have to look elsewhere for snooping. You might want to construct a fence to prevent neighborhood kids from constantly entering your property to retrieve errant balls and Frisbee. An aluminum fence does a good job of preventing mischievous adolescents from putting your swimming pool on the nightly pool hopping list. Make sure the reason you install a fence does not include selecting a fencing option that requires considerable maintenance.

How We Plan Your Fencing Project

The licensed and bonded team of fencing experts at Brinker Construction schedule two meetings with you to determine the best way to proceed on a fencing project. The initial meeting involves us asking a number of questions to understand the why and where of your fencing project. We perform a thorough survey of your land, as well as review appraiser documents to verify your property boundary. You can expect to look at several fencing options, with our goal to whittle the options down to a couple of viable choices.

We spend the next two or three days coming up with a fencing proposal that fits within your family budget and meets all of the criteria you want in a new fence. The second consultation is mostly about presenting our fencing proposal in clearly written language that does not contain hidden fees or conceals information that you need to review. We finalize the contract and ask for a signature to represent the official start of the project.

Contact Brinker Construction today to schedule an initial meeting that determines the best fencing option for your Sachse, TX home.