Installing Pergolas and Gazebos in Rowlett, Texas

Are you maximizing the space in your backyard? For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has helped Dallas metroplex homeowners install memorable outdoor living spaces that get friends and family members charged up every time they receive a party invitation. From small pergolas protecting your garden from Mother Nature to spacious custom gazebos that host large bashes, our team of licensed and bonded professionals know how to best utilize every square inch of your property.

We encourage you to read the positive customer reviews left on sites such as Yelp and Google to learn why we are the go to team of pergola installation experts in Rowlett, Texas. Comments praising our timeliness and friendly customer service complement the positive feedback we receive for our in depth knowledge of outdoor living spaces. If you need more than customer reviews to convince you to hire Brinker Construction, check out the A+ rating the Better Business Bureau awarded our team of certified home services contractors.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Pergolas 101

The origin of the stylish Pergola began in Europe during the first half of the 15th century. Pergola comes from the Latin term called pergula, which is an eave projecting outward from a home. The outdoor living space fell out of favor with European landowners, before making a strong comeback in the United States during the 1900s. Pergolas rank as one of the most popular outdoor structures in Rowlett, TX.

When you contact Brinker for an initial meeting, we spend time discussing the various style options you have for the installation of a pergola. Our recommendations range from a small pergola that offers shade to a pergola spanning more than 50 square feet. Our team of pergola specialists ensures the pergola we install for you complements the design of your home, as well as falls within your home improvement budget.

The Benefits of Custom Pergolas for Rowlett, Texas Homeowners

Let’s start with protection against bad weather. A pergola not only deep you dry from above, the outdoor living space typically allows for side vinyl attachments to prevent wind gusts from disrupting a social event. If you select the right material, you can also enjoy protection against hail storms, which makes the structure ideal for installing over a garden. Pergolas also create more privacy when you need to spend quiet time with your family. The outdoor living spaces make excellent extensions of your kitchen or dining room. With Rowlett, Texas homeowners enjoying a temperate climate throughout most of the year, you can transform your backyard into a separate area for food preparation.

Custom Pergolas Increase Home Values

The greatest benefit of adding a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo in the backyard involves an increase in home value. With the right wood used for structural posts and treated vinyl enclosing your outdoor living area, you have created an additional room for your home. You know how the number of rooms influences home prices. The functional and aesthetic appeal of a pergola or gazebo drives up the value of your Rowlett, TX home. It is like turning an unused indoor area into a spare bedroom.

After our initial meeting with you, our team of pergola and gazebo experts spends a couple of days devising the best plan to maximize the open space in your backyard. We then schedule a second consultation when we present our carefully thought out plan. It is during the second consultation when we finalize the materials we plan to use for building a pergola or gazebo, as well as a clear timeline for completing the home improvement project.

Contact us today to learn more about how a custom pergola or gazebo can increase the value of your home.