We Exhaust All Roof Repair Options for Your Rockwall, TX Home

There are several ways for your home to suffer roof damage. Violent thunderstorms unleashing hurricane force winds strip off roofing materials and hailstones the size of grapefruits smash through roof underlays. Despite the carnage, our primary goal is to repair your roof. We exhaust all roof repair options, from sealing leaking roofs to replacing damaged roofing materials. Our team of dedicated roofing experts considers a new roof installation as an option of last resort. We understand how the high cost of a new roof can set you back thousands of dollars, even if your homeowner’s insurance covers most of the installation cost. Read more about insurance claims and home repair. 

One of the first roof repair options we explore is replacing damaged roofing materials. Not only do we replace damaged roof materials, we also suggest roofing material options that offer better protection against Mother Nature’s wrath. For example, we can turn vulnerable solar tiles into rugged asphalt shingles that handle most of what the Central Texas weather delivers. Brinker Construction repairs punctures caused by large hailstones and prolonged exposure to pooling water. Only after we exhaust all roof repair options do we move on to developing a strategy for installing a new roof for your Rockwall, Texas home.

A New Roof for Rockwall, Texas Homeowners

The installation of a new roof costs a substantial amount of money. However, you can benefit from a new roof installation. A new roof increases the value of your home in two primary ways. First, the curb appeal of your home improves because a new roof on your house is much more aesthetically appealing to everyone who passes your Rockwall, TX home. Second, by installing a new roof, you essentially take care of every roof repair issue. You enjoy living in a home with no more leaking roof and no more cold drafts rushing into the attic and down the stairs. Installing a new roof give you a peace of mind that lasts for several decades. 

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24 Hours per Day Emergency Roofing Services

A tree in the backyard falls and crashes on your roof in the middle of the night. Do you have to wait until a roofing contractor’s doors open in the morning to receive emergency roofing services? The answer is no, if you contact Brinker Construction. Although our normal business hours run from 8 AM until 6 PM Monday through Friday, our team of roofing contractors are on call 24 hours per day ready to deliver superior emergency roofing services. Whether your home is hit by large hail or a section of the roof collapses because of decay, we will immediately respond to your cry for help.

Rockwall, TX Clients Praise Our Roofing Company

“Amazing service during the bad weather we had last hail season. Quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns! Worked well with my insurance and did an amazing job keeping me up to date on the whole process! Highly Recommend!!!!!”

Do you remember when word of mouth advertising convinced you to give your business to highly recommended companies? Friends, family members, and professional peers you trusted helped seal the sales deal for Rockwall, Texas businesses.

My, how times have changed.

Word of mouth advertising today consists of digitally transmitted praise for area companies. Our team of licensed and bonded local roofers receives more than its fair share of online praise. From client testimonials on our website to customer reviews submitted to Yelp, Google, and Facebook, Brinker Construction has earned the reputation for delivering superior roofing services for Rockwall, TX residents and business. See our commercial roofing options if you’re a business.

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