Custom Pergolas for Rockwall, TX Homeowners

A pergola represents an outdoor room that you can connect to a door leading to your Rockwall, Texas home or build as a freestanding unit near the fence line. With cross rafters providing durable support, custom pergolas typically do not include any type of wall. The stylish structures create an inviting ambiance for dining or simply kicking back after a long day at work. Although adding a custom pergola to the backyard appears to be a relatively simple home improvement project, we strongly encourage residents of Rockwall, TX to hire a home services contractor that has more than 35 years of experience adding outdoor living spaces.

Since 1981, the licensed and bonded team of home services contractors at Brinker Construction has helped countless Rockwall, Texas homeowners achieve their outdoor living space dreams. We have custom designed and installed a wide variety of pergolas to fulfill different homeowner requirements. When you work with Brinker Construction, you can expect our highly rated company to deliver the numerous benefits that come with building a custom pergola.

Benefits of Installing a Custom Pergola in Rockwall, Texas

By creating extra space outdoors for entertaining friends and family members, you increase the square footage of your home. As you know, more square feet typically increase the value of your home. For adding a custom pergola, you do not have to purchase more land or add another room to your home. A custom pergola is the most effective way to add more space. We have built pergolas that span most of the area in the backyard, as well as smaller pergolas that provide shade for a garden.

Another home value benefit of a custom pergola is the curb appeal the structure presents to everyone that passes by your home. Although it is difficult to put a dollar amount on curb appeal, rest assured an appraiser will factor in curb appeal when calculating the value of your property. A custom pergola also allows you to maximize the space you have inside your home. For example, installing a pergola to expand the dining room allows you to invite more guests to enjoy your epicurean delights.

How to Turn a Custom Pergola into an Outdoor Living Room

A pergola comes without walls, but a custom pergola can include four attachments that turn an open-ended outdoor living space into a structure that protects guests from bad weather. Simply unroll each flap and secure the rugged materials according to the directions presented in the owner’s manual. You can attach portable heating and cooling units to prevent extreme weather from ending a party prematurely. Hanging plants and flowers produce a naturally appealing ambiance that will put your guests at ease. We have helped Rockwall, TX homeowners install audio and visual systems to bring the entertainment presented indoors to the fresh air flowing outside. You can hang artwork and add a bookshelf to turn a custom pergola into a second living room for entertaining guests.

Certified Home Services Contractors

Brinker Construction has received the highly coveted GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. The certification means we have established a long record of completing first class custom pergola installation projects throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. A GAF certification also means we implement transparent business practices, from informing you about every step of a project to creating clearly written contracts that never include hidden fees. Our dedication to keeping you inform involves establishing a two-step planning process that culminates with a free inspection of your Rockwall, Texas home.

Take advantage of our home inspection today by contacting Brinker Construction to schedule an appointment.