Versatile Roofing Company in Richardson, Texas

You run a small business in Richardson, TX and one day during the height of storm season, a mighty wave of thunderstorms hammers the area where you work with large hailstones. After checking the damage you decide to contact the commercial roofing contractor that has amassed more than 35 years of experiences repairing and restoring roofs for Richardson, Texas businesses.

You decide to contact Brinker Construction.

When we complete the roof repair project for your business, you ask us for a referral for residential roofing services. Why not us, we ask. Our team of licensed and bonded roofing professionals offers the roofing repair versatility you will not find with any other roofing contractor. The outstanding job we did for your business building roof is the same type of outstanding job we complete for Richardson, Texas homeowners.

Certified and highly rated, Brinker Construction is the versatile roofing contractor you are looking for to complete residential and commercial roofing projects.

Residential Roof Repair for Richardson, TX Homeowners

Every year, Central Texas sits smack in the middle of an active weather zone that produces powerful thunderstorms. The storms can reach severe levels, which means strong winds and hail that at times reach the size of softballs. The result in considerable damage to Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex homes, especially roof damage that can require the installation of a new roof. Powerful winds strip asphalt shingles off roofs and bring down trees that smash into solar tiles. Our team of certified local roofer also handles flashing problems, as well as takes care of leaky roof repairs that damage skylights and vent pipes. Read our page on insurance claims and roof damage. We also perform roof repair caused by rodent damage. Another reason to contact Brinker Construction is we not only fix the damage caused by rodents, we make sure rodents never return to your Richardson, TX Home.

Efficient Leaky Roof Repair

As one of the most common types of roofing services we offer, leaking roofs demand the immediate attention of our experienced team of roofing contractors. We repair flashing and ensure there is more than enough of a barrier under the coping cap of bitumen roofs. You might need better performing head laps or backwater laps to prevent accumulated moisture from entering the interior of your home. Roofing material blisters create small spaces where rain enters your home by running down the sides of walls or pouring through light fixtures.

The price of doing nothing to repair a leaky roof can run into the thousands of dollars. Your homeowner’s insurance might cover the damage caused by leaking roof, but the policy might include a clause penalizing you for waiting too long for leaky repair roof work performed by a team of accomplished local roofers, such as the roofing contractors at Brinker Construction. The long term damage caused by moisture includes the rot and decay of interior walls and roof support beams.

Roofing Services Include Free Inspections

Our roofing company believes in the principle of prevention is 99% of the cure for roofing issues. We help Richardson, Texas homeowners detect roofing problems by performing free inspections. The best strategy for preventing roof damage is to schedule a free inspection annually, preferably around the time winter transitions into spring. By scheduling a free inspection, you ensure your roof is in good enough shape to withstand the upcoming storm season. You also discover leaking roof issues, such as cedar shake punctures or rust beginning to cover metal roofing materials. We offer free roof inspections for homeowners who experience significant roof damage caused by hail or a fallen tree.

Contact Brinker Construction today to schedule a free roof inspection for your Richardson, TX home.