Install the Right Custom Pergola for Your Richardson, Texas Home

Residents of Richardson, TX live in a climate that encourages outdoor activities 12 months out of every year, Yes, we sometimes experience a blast from Old Man Winter, but the blast typically lasts a couple of days before moving on. Spring and summer storms come and go, but those too should not be an obstacle for Richardson, Texas homeowners that want to optimize the empty spaces in their backyards. The question remains: What type of outdoor living space will boost the value of your home, while providing the convenience of dining and entertaining outdoors?

The licensed and bonded professionals at Brinker Construction recommend adding a custom pergola.

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has helped area homeowners create beautiful custom pergolas that enhance the ambiance of any function. You can build a custom pergola that sits in a quiet place where you get away from it all or go all out and install a custom pergola that is large enough to comfortably seat dozens of friends and family members at a wedding reception.

Why Building a Custom Pergola is a Good Idea

As a derivative of the Latin word “pergula,” a pergola represents a beautiful outdoor living space that increases the value of a Richardson, TX home. An increase in value happens for two reasons. First, by building an outdoor version of an indoor room, you gain more square footage. As you know, the amount of square feet that defines your property goes a long way towards determining property values. Second, a stylish pergola enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Although you cannot attach a hard dollar amount to aesthetic appeal, rest assured an appraiser will factor in a beautifully designed custom pergola when assessing your property.

A custom pergola also complements other outdoor attractions, such as a fountain sitting near a walk path or a garden completely filled with colorful plants and flowers. Vines and climbing plants that grow in central Texas turn an ordinary pergola into a miniature arboretum. Native plants such as clematis, wisteria, and grape vines create a rustic charm that is hard to recreate in an urban setting.

Custom Pergola Design Ideas for Your Richardson, TX Home

We offer our clients several different pergola styles. Although pergolas typically have four square shaped sides, we can customize the size of each side to accommodate your design vision. A lodge style custom pergola design exudes southern charm. Your guests will think they have been transported to a bucolic setting deep with Texas Hill Country. We can add faux timber or the real thing to produce a stunning visual effect that will get the neighbors talking for all the right reasons. A classically designed pergola looks just like the ornate outdoor living structures you find at romantic getaways in France and Italy.

A Custom Pergola for All Occasions

Our team of home services experts recommends installing a pergola that meets all your social entertainment needs. We will design and install a custom pergola that you use to entertain neighbors on a week night and then convert the outdoor living space into a large dance floor for a wedding anniversary celebration. Brinker Construction attaches brackets to one side of a custom pergola and then connects the pergola to the entrance of your kitchen. Now you have an expanded area to prepare meals. A freestanding pergola can go anywhere in the backyard to create a second living room.

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