One of the best reasons for choosing Brinker Construction for your next home improvement project is that we offer a wide variety of home services for Plano, Texas residents. Instead of specializing in installing one type of outdoor structure, our team of experienced home services professionals designs and installs innovative outdoor structures that include custom pergolas and outdoor gazebos. By custom, we mean we create unique designs in collaboration with our loyal customers.


If you are unsure whether you should add a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo in your backyard, two benefits of installing the outdoor structures should change your mind.


Custom Pergolas Create Stunning Backyards in Plano, TX


Ask yourself one question: How many of your neighbors have a custom pergola in the backyard? The answer is most likely few to none. With a custom pergola, you separate your backyard design from the standard backyard designs that surround your home. Across the country, pergolas-especially custom installed pergolas-are not a common home design feature. By installing a custom pergola, you avoid the cookie cutter approach to backyard layouts. Not only does the structure attract the attention of your neighbors, pergolas benefit from a design that allows colorful vines and plants to climb each of the posts supporting the outdoor structures.


Custom Gazebos and Pergolas Add Value to Your Home


As a Plano, TX homeowner you have several options for increasing the value of your home. However, no other home improvement generates a greater return on your investment than installing a custom gazebo or pergola. The aesthetic appeal of climbing vines and plants brings a nice financial windfall, but the real value of installing one of the outdoor structures is the development of an additional area to entertain guests. When you customize a gazebo, you ensure a full roof covers the structure and every side is enclosed by weather resistant materials. Our highly acclaimed team of home services professionals will help you create the custom pergola or outdoor gazebo design that adds the most value to your home.


Design Ideas for Adding a Custom Pergola or Gazebo

When we discuss design ideas with our loyal customers, we discuss more than just materials, as well as shapes and sizes. We present multiple feature options for homeowners to consider, with each feature enhancing your property value. You can opt for a gazebo that does not include a foundation for quick set up and break down. Add a canopy that prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging sensitive skin. Detach metal gazebos in a short time to produce a portable outdoor structure. Portable gazebos are the ultimate tailgate accessory for sports fans. Screened gazebos and pergolas prevent bugs from entering the outdoor structures and planters complement the posts, which act as trellises for vines and plants.


Consult with the Experts at Brinker Construction

Adding a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo gives your family and friends a reason to stop by your home more often. The outdoor structures are the ultimate spots to hold informal lunches with your colleagues and professional peers. For most of our customers, the decision to purchase a pergola or gazebo is an easy one. The difficult decision is trying to decide on the numerous features and accessories that further increase the value of your home.


Call our office or complete the online form today to schedule an initial consultation that will start you on the road to creating the custom pergola or gazebo of your dreams. Our attentive team of home services professionals receives considerable praise for providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service.