What is the biggest difference between a pavilion and other types of outdoor living structures like pergolas and gazebos? The answer is pavilions do not come with bases or floors, which produces an affordable outdoor living space option for budget conscious Plano, TX homeowners. Gazebos typically come in round shapes, while pavilions contain four sides shaped like squares or rectangles. If you want an outdoor living structure for entertaining guests, without breaking the bank, the customer service professionals at Brinker Construction recommend adding a pavilion in your backyard.


How Plano, TX Homeowners Use Pavilions


For every Plano, Texas homeowner, our team of friendly and knowledgeable home services professionals asks one question: How do you plan to use your new outdoor living structure? Do you want to install a pavilion to provide shelter for plants and vegetables? Open air pavilions protect sensitive vegetation against prolonged exposure to sunlight and damp weather conditions. Will you use a new pavilion to host regular pool parties or invite guests over for intimate dinners under the Texas moon?


The design of a new pavilion also plays a role in how Plano, TX homeowners plan to use pavilions. Do you prefer a laid back country style structure that puts your guests at ease or does a sleek, contemporary design rock your design world? Many of our loyal customers opt for pavilions to create an additional dining space that takes advantage of gorgeous central Texas weather. Portable pavilions also represent the perfect outdoor living space for camping trips and family vacations.


Size Matters for the Types of Custom Outdoor Pavilion


When you hire Brinker Construction to design and install a custom outdoor pavilion, the first order of business is for one of our customer service professionals to come out to your property to measure your backyard accurately. Size should always be the most important factor in determining the right type of custom outdoor pavilion. Your new pavilion should not encroach on your neighbor’s property and it should blend in seamlessly with the design of your home.


Additional pavilion size factors include the shapes and sizes of other structures located in the backyard. For example, you might have to account for a shed or child swing set. You have to select the right size pavilion that blends in with large trees and water sources such as ponds and streams. Any pavilion you choose must allow plenty of space for guests to walk around the outdoor living structure. Moreover, you have to consider the different sizes of the amenities you plan to add to a pavilion. Lights, furniture and electrical accessories expand the size required to create a comfortable outdoor living space.


Take Your Custom Outdoor Pavilion Design to the Next Level


Add elegance to the design of your new pavilion by attaching additional trim around the bottom of each of the posts supporting the outdoor structure. Instead of using standard square posts, choose more refined round posts to take your pavilion design to the next level. If you want to create a down home rustic ambiance, add a cupola to the pavilion to make your design dream come true. The style of roof used to protect you and your guests from Mother Nature also plays a role in separating the look of your pavilion form the pavilion roof design of what your neighbors have created. Metal and vinyl pavilion roofs produce reflective surfaces for the sun to dazzle.


The home services experts at Brinker Construction recommend our customers allow us to set up a new pavilion to ensure they enjoy a sturdy outdoor living space for years to come. Call our office or leave your contact information on our website to schedule an initial consultation today.