If you are looking to offer shade for your guests on your outdoor patio, look no further than Brinker Construction for the highest quality custom outdoor patio covers in Plano, Texas. Patio covers typically require at least two posts or columns to provide enough support for withstanding the fury unleashed by Mother Nature. You can install a patio cover that opens at the top to welcome in sunlight or a patio cover completely closed above to prevent rain from drenching your guests.


The customer first team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction sings the praises of custom outdoor patio covers by listing five benefits of adding the outdoor protective cover.


5 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Patio Covers


Let’s talk about affordability first. Installing a custom outdoor patio cover represents an affordable way to regain control of your patio from Mother Nature. You have the option to order a fully enclosed patio cover that protects your guests from wind, rain, and hail. Prevent harmful UV rays from damaging sensitive skin by closing the top of a patio cover, and then open up the patio cover to usher in the nighttime sky. Custom outdoor patio covers also provide protection for patio furniture, as lengthy exposures to sunlight can bleach outdoor furniture materials


Patio covers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor deck by coming in a wide variety of shapes and designs. When you add a patio cover, you create several more options for decorating the patio. Attach lanterns and lights on the beams that crisscross the awning to produce a high-energy ambiance for cultural themed bashes. Hang banners and streamers on the side of a patio cover to welcome guests or congratulate a colleague on a promotion.


The Best Types of Patio Covers for Plano, Texas Homeowners


Our first priority in finding you the perfect patio cover for our loyal customers involves discussing the best types of patio covers for Plano, TX homeowners. Aluminum patio covers take little effort and expertise to assemble. You have numerous size, style, and color options for selecting the right aluminum patio cover that complements the design of your home. The affordable metal resists rust to ensure you enjoy years of long lasting durability.


Wood patio covers appeal to Plano, Texas homeowners who want to present a down home country look. Cedar is the most popular wood for protecting guests and outdoor furniture, as it tends to blend seamlessly with other types of woods used for exterior home designs. Sustainable maple and bamboo patio covers appeal to homeowners who want to use woods that grow back fast in the wild. Homeowners in search of custom outdoor patio covers that spruce up the appearance of their homes should consider selecting lattice patio covers. Climbing plants and vegetable find lattice patio covers the ideal structure for thriving outdoors.

Alumawood Rocks Patio Cover Design Ideas


Recently introduced hybrid alumawood offers the best features of wood and metal custom outdoor patio covers. Homeowners who want to enjoy the stunning appearance of wood and the rugged durability of metal should select alumawood patio covers for our team of home improvement professionals to install. Alumawood costs more than patio covers designed with other types of materials, but long lasting durability and the increase in the value of your home make the investment a no brainer for Brinker Construction customers.


Since 1981, Brinker Construction has led the way in offering the highest quality custom outdoor patio covers in Plano, TX. Call our office or leave your contact information online today to schedule an initial consultation for exploring your patio cover options.