Outdoor living spaces in Plano, Texas are ideal home additions for the mild climate of the central part of the Lone Star State. Even if Old Man Winter extends his icy reach into the Dallas metroplex, the home services professionals at Brinker Construction can install heating units that do not take up much space or cost an arm or a leg to operate.


Since 1981, we have offered solutions for Plano, TX homeowners who want to entertain guests outdoors. Brinker Construction is committed to explaining why outdoor living areas are excellent ideas for homeowners, as well as helps you decide between a pergola and gazebo. We also recommend the type and number of furnishings to place in your outdoor living space.


Why Plano, TX Homeowners Should Consider Outdoor Living Spaces


Why should Plano, TX homeowners consider outdoor living spaces? The short answer is the areas increase the value of your home. Not only do you add material value, you also increase the value of your home by creating an aesthetically appealing area for entertaining guests. If you plan to cook outdoors, an outdoor kitchen that comes with a BBQ island works great as the centerpiece of your new backyard area. Brinker Construction custom designs outdoor kitchens to include a raised table where guests get a close up view of your culinary expertise.


Outdoor living spaces also allow you to invite more guests to celebrate wedding anniversaries and high school graduations. Have guests sit inside at the dining room table and outside where you have set a table underneath a pavilion awning. Creating an entertainment area in your backyard produces more space for guests to mingle. You can cover a patio or extend an awning down to the ground on a pergola to ensure optimal privacy.


Pergola or Gazebo: Choose the Right Backyard Living space


When you sit down with our team of home improvement experts, you can expect them to list all of the options you have for adding an outdoor living space in the backyard. At the top of our list are pergolas and gazebos. Both structures create elegant appearances that heighten the mood of a corporate event or neighborhood block party. Shape is the primary difference between the two structures. Pergolas are shaped with four sides, whether the four sides form a square or rectangle. Since most backyards follow a similar four-sided design, pergolas are the most popular choice for Plano, Texas homeowners. However, strategically placed gazebos work well for hosting dinner parties and other events attended by 15 or fewer guests.


Furnishing Outdoor Living Spaces


Now that you have decided on the type of outdoor entertainment area you want, the next step involves choosing the right furnishings. Styles such as Asian and Mediterranean will dazzle your guests, as well as create a custom design that stands out in the neighborhood. We encourage our loyal customers to shop for smaller furniture that sits no more than two people. This ensures your guests have plenty of room to walk around the outdoor living space. You also have to figure out the type furniture you need to store kitchen accessories and the amenities you want that increase the value of each piece of furniture.


When you decide to add an outdoor living space in the backyard, you should consult with the home improvement professionals at Brinker Construction. We spend the time needed to go over all of your options, as well as present the benefits offered by each type of design idea.

Contact Brinker construction today to start planning for the design of your new outdoor living space.