It’s more than a fad in Plano, Texas. Outdoor cooking has transformed from grilling over a Weber to creating a fully functional kitchen under the sun and around fresh air. Many of our customers want outdoor kitchen designs that produce dishes for large groups of guests, while some of our loyal customers prefer smaller outdoor kitchens for more intimate gatherings.

The experienced home services pros at Brinker Construction help Plano, TX homeowners learn why a custom outdoor kitchen works well as a home improvement feature. We also describe the types of layouts that differentiate custom outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands. Cooking outdoor generates several health benefits, from reducing your caloric intake to ensuring you eat the most nutritious food products.

Reasons for Adding a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

The installation of a custom outdoor kitchen will increase the value of your home. If you choose to use the finest materials and equipment, the value of your home can soar by thousands of dollars. High performance materials used to design custom outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands include copper and stainless steel. An outdoor cooking area also allows you to store more food products in cabinets and refrigeration units. You can prep your favorite dishes indoors and then bring the ingredients outdoors for some serious cooking. The extension of your indoor kitchen eliminates the cramped feeling of having numerous guests looking over your shoulder, while you stir a sauce or turn a steak. Take advantage of the warm Dallas metroplex climate by installing an outdoor kitchen in the backyard.

Types of Custom Outdoor Kitchen Layouts

Our main goal at Brinker Construction is to design a custom outdoor kitchen that matches your cooking style and needs. We encourage our customers to create outdoor kitchens that attach directly to the entrance of the indoor kitchen. On the other side of the outdoor kitchen, you have quick access to the dining area.

Straight line kitchens appear similar to smaller indoor kitchenettes. Plano, Texas homeowners on tight budgets should consider the smaller, yet effective type of outdoor kitchen layout.  Remember that a straight line kitchen connects to one of the walls of your home, which means you need to select a non-flammable material to prevent heat from burning the siding. Kitchen islands represent the most common custom outdoor kitchen layout, especially for Texas residents who have mastered cooking BBQ dishes. A kitchen island is an excellent option for creating an outdoor entertainment center. You can raise one end of a kitchen island to encourage socializing. Hiring Brinker Construction to design a U-shaped kitchen produces a stylish appearance to complement the decor of your home exterior. U-shaped kitchens also double as dining areas to allow guests to watch the master chef in action.

Healthy Cooking in Plano, TX

Above all, a custom outdoor kitchen and BBQ island encourages healthy cooking. With a long growing season in Plano, TX, you can enjoy cultivating fresh fruits and vegetables that offer lasting nutritional benefits. Many of our customers devote a section of the backyard for growing organic fruits and vegetable, while using another part of the property to grow a wide variety of herbs.  In addition, research studies demonstrate that cooking at home produces a much healthier body, as you completely control the amount of salt, oils, and butter you add to your food. Portion control also prevents unwanted calories and saturated fats from adding up on your outdoor dining menu.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has dazzled Plano, Texas homeowners with a large selection of custom outdoor kitchen designs. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation that gets you started on your next home improvement project.