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Allen Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoy the Allen sunshine all year long by adding a patio to your Allen home. Brinker Construction is a premier patio designer and builder, creating showpieces that families use throughout the year. These patios aren’t just great for socializing. They improve a home’s value and curb appeal as well.

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Allen Custom Outdoor Kitchens

A cramped, hot kitchen isn’t much fun. Make your kitchen the best place in your home by moving it outdoors. Brinker Construction has designed fully-functional outdoor kitchens, customized to fit our clients’ needs. Choose your materials and appliances, and then we will work on the design together. We can also take care of the electrical wiring, plumbing, and other functional elements of the outdoor kitchen.

Dallas Custom Patio Contractor
Allen Custom Patios

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our designers can build any style of custom patio you can imagine, from a traditional wrap-around deck to a modern customized design. You don’t have to go with what you find in a magazine or a book. Tap into your imagination and let us know what you want out of your custom patio. If you can put it into words, we can create a design. Then, we will work together to fine-tune the design until it is exactly what you want out of your patio.

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Allen Walkway, Rock Gardens, and Fountains

Your yard is beautiful on its own, but you can enhance the beauty with a walkway, rock garden, or fountain. Brinker Construction can survey your property and help you determine the best place to put a walkway, rock garden, or fountain. Then, you are only limited by your imagination. Let us know what you want out of this project and we will make it happen.

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Allen Pergolas & Arbors

If you want to enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to be exposed to too much sunlight, you need to get a pergola and arbor. Go with something traditional or have a little bit of fun with this project. Regardless of which option you choose, pergolas and arbors are excellent conversation pieces and are perfect for sitting and enjoying the day.

The Design Process

While some companies leave their customers out of the patio creation process, we think it’s more fun (and productive) when we involve our clients. When you choose us as your patio builder, we will involve you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the patio of your dreams. From custom outdoor kitchens to rock gardens, we will work alongside you to build your dream outdoor space.

Getting to Know You

We can’t build your dream patio without getting to know you, so we need to have an initial meeting. “Meeting” sounds so formal, though, so let’s call this a meet and greet. This is where you can tell us everything that you want from your outdoor space. Don’t hold back during this meet and greet.

Have other builders told you that your dreams are too big? We want to hear them.

We also want to learn about your budget and what you expect from us. It’s a good idea for everyone to start off on the same page. This meet and greet will ensure that we move forward together, with the same ideas in mind.

Turning Your Vision into Reality

The next time you see us, we will be ready to nail down the specifics. This is when we will go over location, size, and materials. We have found that a lot of clients want to add or remove components during this stage. That is perfectly fine. This is the perfect time to customize the project. Add in a water feature or take out that fire pit. This is your outdoor patio so you need to customize it to your liking.

The Video Tour

It’s getting close to the time to build your outdoor patio. You’re getting excited, and that excitement is about to reach a fever pitch because we’re going to use 3-D software to show you a rendering of the patio. You can take a virtual tour of the patio and make sure it is exactly what you want. It’s still not too late to make changes. If something doesn’t flow right or if you want to add or remove something, let us know. We can make the changes before we move forward with construction.

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