A majority of homeowners are unaware just how important their gutters are. In reality, something seemingly as inauspicious as gutters can actually cause thousands of dollars in foundation damage and basement flooding if not properly installed and maintained.  Brinker Construction provides full service gutter repair, replacements, and inspections to make sure that water is safely diverted away from the home. We specialize in the mending or replacement of systems that are rusty, leaking, overflowing, clogged, sagging, or have suffered hail damage.

Aluminum Gutters

The most popular gutter on the market, as it is relatively inexpensive, durable, and easy to work with. Unlike steel, aluminum will not rust over time, and is available in a wide variety of colors.

Vinyl Gutters

One of the most affordable gutter options that is also very easy to cut and work with reducing labor costs. Vinyl gutters are available in a decent sized style palette as well. Customers should know they aren’t getting the durability of a steel or aluminum gutter with vinyl but for many the low cost is worth the risk/reward

Pergolas & Arbor Gutters

A pergola attached to your building can also serve as a sort of gutter system while offering the multi-functionality of providing shade and outdoor living space. These structures feature a  lattice roof design supported by wooden or aluminum columns that essentially form an awning on your home or business.

Copper Gutters

Gutters don’t need to be merely functional as evidenced by the copper which improves the overall aesthetics and curb appeal of the property. They are more of a unique / high-end gutter material which obviously brings with it a higher price tag. If it’s in your budget however, copper gutters are a great investment as they actually increase in style as they age – turning electric shades of brown, dark brown, purple, and green when exposed to the elements. .

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