McKinney Roof Repair Insurance Claims

Brinker Construction has McKinney roofing insurance claim specialist ready to respond when disaster strikes. Our certified roof inspectors and project managers are experts when dealing with your insurance claims and roofing needs. A certified inspector will perform a thorough inspection of your McKinney property and roofing system. We will not only provide you with a damage report showing any storm related roof damage, but also provide information about any other issues found on the roofing system. Our team will walk you through the entire claim process. We will meet the adjuster at your home during the initial inspection. This ensures that ALL of the damage to your property is covered in your insurance. We will also be sure that the compensation from the insurance company reflects the industry standard materials and installation procedures for your specific roofing system. We are your advocate and will make sure that your property gets put back to the condition it was before the storm.

McKinney, TX Roof Repair

Brinker Construction repairs a variety of residential roofing systems in McKinney and surrounding areas. We respond to emergency roof leaks and perform after hour repairs when needed. Not all roofing systems have to be completed replaced, some can simply be repaired. We provide the best customer service at an affordable price, and this includes doing proper roofing repairs when needed. There are many areas of a roofing system that have a higher chance of leaking such as the valleys, chimney, and vents. Proper initial installation is an absolute necessity on all roofing systems to prevent future issues. If you notice shingles missing or think you have a leak, don’t hesitate to call Brinker. We will give you a free roof inspection and provide a solution to any current or potential roof issues.

Roof Replacement McKinney, TX

Whether you have an insurance claim, or it is time to get a new roof, Brinker Construction can build the roof of your dreams. We have been installing residential and commercial roofing systems in McKinney since 1981. The quality of our roofing installation has earned the highest certification with the most common shingle manufacturer in the world. Brinker Construction is a GAF Master Elite Contractor putting us part of the elite roofing contractors in the world. We have strict installation procedures and materials used on every roof. GAF not only stands behind the roofing systems we install, but GAF will warranty our roofing systems.

It is important to hire a local and professional McKinney Roofer. We will first do a thorough inspection of the entire roofing system to look at the current ventilation, water shed, and potential issues. We will then put together a proposal including any recommendations and the shingle style and color you choose. Once the proposal is accepted you will be added to Brinker’s production schedule. Several factors influence the production schedule such as rain, specific product availability, and product delivery. Most of our residential roofing projects can be completed in 1-2 days. During the reroofing process, we inspect the roof for any underlying issues and address them as needed. After the roof is completed a final inspection will be done by the project manager. It is our goal to exceed your expectation and build the roof of your dreams.

Composition Roof Replacement McKinney

Composition shingle roofing systems is the most commonly installed residential roofing product in McKinney and surrounding areas. Composition roofing consists of fiberglass roofing covered in a later of asphalt with ceramic granules. We have many brands, colors, and styles available to choose from. We have lifetime warranties available that are back by the product manufacture for composition roofing systems.

Metal Roofing Replacement McKinney

Metal Roofing systems has become a popular choice for residential and commercial applications. Metal roofing systems are completely recyclable and is an environmentally friendly choice. Metal roofing systems are available in a variety of colors and styles fitting any style roof. Brinker Construction’s expert McKinney Roofers can install Decra, Standing Seam roofing systems, and Stone coated steel shingles.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement McKinney

Brinker has extensive experience in installing and repairing cedar shake and wood roofing systems. There is a variety of styles, shapes, and stains available to customize your wood roof. Installing a wood roof requires a professional McKinney roofer with proper training to ensure a lasting roof for years to come. If your wood roof needs a repair or needs to be replaced, trust Brinker Construction to complete your project with the highest quality possible.

Tile and Slate Roofing Replacement McKinney

Tile and slate are some of the most durable roofing systems available and some of the oldest products used. Some older buildings still have the original tile or slate roof on them today. If properly maintained by a professional McKinney Roofer, a tile or slate roof can last over a century. There is a large variety of tile and slate products available in different colors and textures. Contact us today to learn more about our tile and slate roofing systems available.

Roof Deck Replacement

Replacing a roof’s decking it vital to a roofing system’s integrity and lifespan. Hail damage, storm damage, and water damage are all potential reasons to replace a roofs decking. Brinker Can provide partial or complete roof deck replacement. It is important to use a local McKinney roofer to properly replace the decking on your home.

Roof Hail Damage McKinney?

Hail storms have become more common in North Texas and can be devastating to a roofing system. If you think you might have hail damage, chances are you do. Recent hail storms in McKinney and surrounding areas have caused many of our customers to need a new roof. Sometimes hail damage is not easy to see on shingles and often times becomes more exposed as rain washes away damage granules. Our inspectors are trained to find even the smallest hail damage and will know if you roof needs to be replaced. In most cases, insurance companies will replace your damaged roof. Most insurance companies require the roof to be replaced within one year of the hail storm. If you think your roof in McKinney is damaged by hail, don’t wait! We will inspect your roof for FREE and provide a damage report.

Leaking Roof?

We provide a variety of solutions for leaking roofs in McKinney. If your roof is leaking, it is a priority to get it inspected ASAP. Roof leaks typically start in the valley, around the chimney, or around vents. Leaking roofs can cause discoloration to sheetrock, molding insulation, damage electrical systems, and flooring. We want to help you to protect your home and valuables by stopping your roof leak immediately.

Missing Shingles?

Missing shingles is sometimes found on older brittle roofs. If you see a shingle missing on your roof, chances are your roof is currently leaking or will be in the future. It is imperative to get your roof looked at immediately. High winds can cause old brittle shingles to bend up and sometimes break. Missing shingles is often repairable and new shingles will be added. It can be difficult to match the exact shingle because all shingle manufactures change colors slightly over time. We will do our best to repair all roofs in every circumstance.

Emergency Repair and Storm Damage Response

North Texas commonly has hail storms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes that can damage your property and roof. We respond to McKinney residents and surrounding areas after a storm to make emergency repairs. Emergency repairs can include tarping and leaks, tarping broken skylights, and replacing missing shingles. Usually in this circumstance the repairs are temporary until the process is started with the insurance company. Trust Brinker Construction after a storm to properly seal up your McKinney home to prevent interior damage.

The roof is arguably the most important feature of your home.

“What good is a finished basement or a luxury kitchen if there’s no structure over-top protecting them? The Brinker Construction team is professionally trained in roof inspection, repair, and replacement. We have served as one of the best McKinney Roofing Companies in Texas since 1981.” – Brinker Construction, The Top Roofing Company – McKinney, TX

If you don’t have a good roof, your home isn’t secure. Your roof protects your valuables and keeps your floors, drywall, and insulation dry. It keeps the hot Texas sun out, and it protects you from the cold winters.

As one of the top McKinney roofers, the Brinker Construction team has over 25 years of experience in ensuring that our clients’ roofs perform up to standard. Our McKinney team is professionally trained in inspections, repairs, and replacements, and has built a reputation on finishing projects on time and within the budget.

Brinker Construction is a local roofing company and has been serving the citizens of McKinney, TX and surrounding areas since 1981. We install the highest quality roofing systems possible and offer industry leading warranties. Our staff can work directly with your insurance company if your McKinney, TX home has been damaged by wind or hail to get your roof replaced if needed. Our professional staff in McKinney will inspect your roofing system and provide a solution that fits your need and budget.

Most importantly, our team understands the stress that comes with roofing issues. That is why we always see if the roof can be repaired. If a roof can be repaired, we will fix it. That is our promise to you.

If a client needs a new roof, we go over energy efficient options that help them save money on their energy bills while lessening the strain on their HVAC systems. They might have to spend money on the new roof, but we help them save money in the long run.

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The Brinker Construction team is professionally trained in McKinney roof inspection, repair, and replacement. We have served and assisted with McKinney residential roofing needs areas over 25 years. As McKinney roof leak repair specialists, we know how especially dangerous a damaged roof can. Leaks can start off slow, but if left unattended can cause intense financial devastation to areas such as insulation, drywall, ceilings, and floors. It’s best to have our crew perform an inspection, if anything for peace of mind.

Getting a local McKinney roof estimate can save you in more ways than one. Did you know that the installation of a new roof can not only prevent water from enter your home, it can also greatly improve energy efficiency? By installing a roofing material that reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them (especially in the Texas heat) you can lower your A/C bills and lessen the strain on your HVAC system.


McKinney Commercial Roofing

Brinker Construction is one of the top McKinney commercial roofing companies in Texas that will diagnose any and all roofing issues, providind solutions that best fits your needs and budget.

McKinney Outdoor Living

As a top McKinney patio builder, we specialize in outdoor living spaces including porches, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, walkways and more to bring added value to your home!

McKinney Insulation Services

Brinker has many years of experience with McKinney Insulation services, helping create more comfortable, safe and energy-efficient environments to help reduce bills!

McKinney Siding

Brinker is a premier McKinney Siding company, offering a wide variety of home sidings including wood, aluminum, vinyl and cement fiber materials to help make your home great!

McKinney Windows

Brinker Construction is a top McKinney window installation & repair company, offering a wide variety of premium window styles, colors and finishes to add a personal touch to any room.

McKinney Gutters

Brinker Construction provides full service McKinney gutter repair, replacements, and inspections to make sure you look great and that water is safely diverted away from the home.


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