Certified Roofers in McKinney, Texas

When you want to schedule a roof inspection or need roof leak repairs, you want to hire a McKinney, TX home services contractor that has received the GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. Not many roofing contractors working in the Dallas metroplex can boast of receiving the highly acclaimed certification.

Brinker Construction is one of the few GAF Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractors.

Receiving a GAF certification means we have achieved years of success providing superior roofing repair and maintenance services. From small holes that requires repair for a leaking roof to a major overhaul of the materials used to construct a roof, Fresour team of licensed and bonded roofing contractors has delivered first rate performance for more than 35 years. We implement transparent business practices, from keeping you informed every step of the way to never adding hidden fees in roofing services contracts.

Professional Residential Roofing Services

We train our team of accomplished residential roofing experts to use the latest breakthroughs in roofing services. Our hands on team of project leaders direct roofing professionals who know how to inspect, maintain, repair, and replace roofs in a timely manner for McKinney, Texas homeowners. Left unattended, small holes in a roof can quickly develop into gaping holes that require efficient leaky roof repair. Our local roofers understand the negative consequences of not proactively handling roof repair projects

We thoroughly inspect roof surfaces to determine whether you need a new roof or simply require only a few tweaks to return your roof to mint condition. You can expect us to take care of your unique roofing needs. You might want us to install solar tiles that reflect the sun’s rays, which is a common request from homeowners who want to minimize the powerful impact of the McKinney, TX heat. Solar tiles reduce the pressure place on your air conditioning system, as well as lower monthly electric bills.

Our staff is also professionally trained in commercial roofing. We are able to provide a roof system analysis with detailed roofing reports, proper design for efficiency, and imaging services for leak detection. Read more about our commercial roofing services.

Prevent Water Damage to Your McKinney, Texas Home

Water damage represents one of the worst dangers to the structural integrity of your home. Moisture slowly degrades wooden support beams and turns rugged steel rods into rusted messes. When you detect one area where your roof leaks, you must contact the roofing contractors who respond with a sense of urgency.

You need the contact the most highly rated roofing company in McKinney, Texas, Brinker Construction.

Not only do we repair leaky roofs, we also conduct detailed inspections to ensure no other area of your roof has the potential to leak water into the house. The price of inaction can cost thousands of dollars, as many insurance companies write clauses into homeowner’s insurance policies that prevent the release of funds to homeowners who responded slowly to leaky roofs. Read about how we can help with your roofing insurance claims

Thorough Roofing Repair and Maintenance Planning

At Brinker Construction, we emphatically believe the key to pulling off a successful roofing project starts with meticulous planning. After you reach out to our team of local roofers, we schedule an initial meeting where we learn about the roofing issues. You describe the issues and we spend time going over every inch of your roof. Our roofing services come with a free roof inspection to save you money.

Our team of roofing contractors spends a couple of dayFs mulling over different roofing services strategies, before we meet with you again to discuss our plan. We present a clear timeline of events to allow you plenty of time to prepare for minor disruptions of your daily routine. Everything we include in the roofing contract is written in an easy to understand way to put you at ease before we begin the project.

Call our office or complete the convenient inline form today to schedule an initial meeting that discusses roofing repair and maintenance options for McKinney, TX homeowners.