The Best Custom Pergolas and Gazebos in McKinney

Brinker Constructions helps homeowners increase the value of their homes by designing and installing custom pergolas and gazebos in McKinney, Texas. By adding one or more custom pergolas and gazebos, you create a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Pergolas present an open ended retreat for busy professionals to relax under the Texas sun. Gazebos offer a covered outdoor living space for entertaining guests or allowing you to get away from it all. You can mix and match the outdoor structures to produce a one of a kind outdoor design that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

What are Custom Pergolas?

Pergolas include a wood top that crisscrosses among four posts firmly secured in the ground. Many homeowners select to build pergolas to take advantage of climbing vines and plants. The four posts act as trellises that promote the growth of colorful plants verdant vines. Combined with the stunning display of nature, pergolas present an elegant appearance that make the structure ideal for hosting intimate open air social events. If you want maximum exposure to the sun and are willing to trade the sun for more exposure to weather elements, then you should consider installing a pergola in the backyard.

What are Gazebos?

Custom Gazebos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with the common feature a covered roof and partially to fully enclosed sides. Brinker Construction customizes gazebos to meet the weather protection needs of our customers. With a gazebo located adjacent to a back entrance of your home, you ensure your guests remain dry even during one of the classic mega storms that hit the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex every year. Full weather protection also prevents outdoor furniture from succumbing to prolonged exposure to water. Moreover, a covered roof limits your exposure to harmful UV rays.

Custom Pergola and Gazebo Materials

The home services professionals at Brinker Construction help our loyal customers decide which material works best for complementing the design of their homes, as well as handle the punishment delivered by Mother Nature. Wood represents the most common choice made by McKinney, TX homeowners because it presents a rustic appearance similar to what you see in the Texas backcountry. You can add a coat of sealant to prevent moisture from damaging wood such as cedar. Faux wood typically contains a structured metal core that stabilizes the foundations of custom pergolas and gazebos. You can also opt to go with PVC, if long lasting durability is your main buying criteria. One-hundred percent metal gazebos and pergolas present sleek aesthetic appeal. Metal structures are simple to assemble, as you only have to click together matching frames. Resin plastic never rusts like metal or splinters like wood, which gives you the most durable material for designing a custom pergola and/or gazebo for your backyard.

Turn to Brinker Construction for Your custom Pergola and Gazebo Needs

We started Brinker Construction a few months after the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. After nearly 30 years in business, we have earned the reputation in McKinney, Texas and beyond for providing the highest quality home services. Our team of outdoor living space experts will not only help you decide on the best material to use for your gazebo or pergola, we will also help you select the shape that matches your entertainment requirements. A square shaped pergola and is outstanding for outdoor dining, while a round shaped gazebo presents an unforgettable elegant appearance.

Call Brinker construction today to learn more about the materials and shapes that will make adding a pergola or gazebo one of the best home improvement decisions you have ever made.