Custom Designed Outdoor Pavilions In McKinney, Texas

Designed with open spaces and a sturdy roof, the pavilions offered by Brinker Construction typically comes in square and rectangle shapes. The number of support beams required to secure the outdoor living structure depends on the size and weight of the materials used to cover the top of a pavilion. You can order the installation of a pavilion that includes a base or floor. However, many of our customers prefer to add pavilions that do not cover the ground.

The team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction explains why a pavilion works best for your home, as well as discusses the types of designs available from our McKinney, TX home improvement business.

Why McKinney, TX Homeowners Should Choose the Right Outdoor Patio

Living in the heart of the Lone Star State means our customers have the opportunity to entertain outdoors every month of the year. Even if a blast from Old Man Winter covers the Dallas metroplex, the icy conditions do not last long. This means an outdoor living structure such as a pavilion offers the ideal venue for hosting intimate dinner parties and larger social functions such as birthday parties.

Because of open spaces around the four sides of a pavilion, the outdoor living structure costs less than the price of an enclosed gazebo or patio cover. The lightweight outdoor living structures offer superior portability, which allows you to pack a pavilion for a weekend camping trip or cross country vacation with the family. Pavilions work great as the logistical epicenter for large outdoor gatherings by storing refreshments and other accessories that allow parties to unfold without a hitch.

The Best Features of Custom Outdoor Pavilions

If you want to enhance the performance of a pavilion designed by Brinker Construction, we offer several features to get the job done right. Although most pavilions come with square posts, our team of experienced home services experts will present other post styles that create an unforgettable look for your new outdoor living space. We like to encourage our loyal customers to consider round posts that create a refined appearance. Extra trim placed around the bottom of each post presents an elegant look worthy of a formal dinner party.

We love to string different colored lights on the posts we use to design and construct pavilions. Flashing lights generate an energetic buzz that keeps the party going throughout the night. A cupola adds a touch of rustic class that produces a laid back ambiance. The style of roof you decide on enhances the design of a pavilion. Brinker Construction offers a wide variety of pavilion roof styles, including roofs designed with wood shingles and glimmering metal sheets. By adding our electrical feature, you enjoy playing music and your guests have the energy source to recharge mobile electronic devices.

What Outdoor Pavilion Design in McKinney, TX Appeals to You?

The answer to the question of what type of material to use for the design of a pavilion boils down to three options: Wood, metal, or vinyl. Wood creates the type of rustic look that is similar to the open air structures you see in Texas Hill Country. The dedicated team of home improvement professionals at Brinker Construction recommends the right stain and paint choices to customize a wood pavilion to match your home decor.

Vinyl and metal create a more sophisticated look that appeals to homeowners who live in Dallas suburbs like McKinney, Texas. Both materials are easy to clean and maintain for around the year use. As opposed to wood, metal and vinyl require little, if any maintenance. However, both synthetic materials cost more than wood, especially for adventurous homeowners who collect cedar or pine wood from natural habitats.

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