Patio Covers For All Occasions for McKinney, TX Homeowners

The big day is around the corner and it appears Mother Nature might not cooperate with your plan to entertain guests on your spacious patio. Whether you plan a party to celebrate a graduation from college or hold an intimate late fall dinner party, entertaining guests on your patio requires a fall back plan that accounts for inclement weather.

Or does it?

With a custom outdoor patio cover, you can plan a party on your deck, without having to worry about rain, wind, and even a little snow dampening your festivities. Brinker Construction offers patio covers for all occasions in McKinney, Texas. Before going all in on a custom outdoor patio cover, we want our customers to understand how to shop for the right patio covers for their homes.

How to Shop for Outdoor Patio Covers

The expert outdoor living spaces team at Brinker Construction stocks only patio covers designed with materials that withstand intense central Texas thunderstorms. This means how to shop for outdoor patio covers in McKinney, TX involves considering other factors. You have to purchase a patio cover that complements the style of the patio and patio furniture, as well as the exterior of your home. We help homeowners find the right balance between a plain appearance and a design that goes way over the top.

You also have to consider the size of your patio. Our team of home improvement professionals takes accurate measurements to ensure any patio cover we install covers every square inch of your outdoor entertainment area. If you plan to make improvements, such as increasing the size of your outdoor patio, you should go with a temporary patio cover that is easy to remove for a future renovation.

Materials Used to Design Custom Outdoor Patio Covers

The material you choose to create a patio cover represents the most important buying decision you make for protecting both your guests and patio furniture. Wood patio covers exude a bucolic ambiance that reminds your guests of the laid back lifestyle of homeowners who live in the Texas backcountry. Inviting cedar patio cover designs match the designs of homes constructed with the rugged wood. You can opt for eco-friendly wood like maple and bamboo, but you will have to treat the wood with a sealant to prevent the decay caused by prolonged exposure to moisture.

Metal patio covers present a sleek look that glimmer under the Texas sun. As the most popular metal used to design metal patio covers, aluminum offers the one-two benefits punch of creating a stunning appearance and preventing rain and hail from prematurely ending the party. Homeowners who want to enjoy the advantages of using both wood and metal in the design of a patio cover should consider the hybrid material called alumawood. The rustic wooden style patio cover offers the long lasting durability that comes with buying an all-metal patio cover.

Lattice Wooden Patio Cover Designs for McKinney, Texas Homeowners

When it comes time for you to decide on the material used to design a custom outdoor patio cover, you can expect our team of dedicated home improvement specialists to mention lattice wooden patio covers. By far the most popular type of patio cover material, lattice wooden patio covers present the elaborate sophistication of the lattice design, with the presence of wood to create a lodge feel for your next outdoor social event. Lattice wooden patio covers provide space for climbing vines and plants to enhance the natural splendor of your patio.

Brinker Construction recommends that our customers prioritize the criteria involved in making the right patio cover decision. Once our team of highly rated customer service professionals reads your list, we then present a few patio cover design ideas to get the ball rolling.

Contact Brinker Construction today to learn more about patio covers for all occasions in McKinney, TX.