Designing The Right Outdoor Living Spaces For Mckinney, TX Homeowners

Brinker Construction makes designing the right outdoor living spaces for McKinney, TX homeowners a top priority. We want you to take advantage of the warm weather that defines the climate in greater Dallas during at least a part of every month out of the year. An outdoor entertainment area allows you to invite more guests to celebrate college graduations and family reunions. The question is not whether you should create a beautiful outdoor area for entertaining guests, but which design best matches the design of your home and backyard.

Ideas for Furnishing Outdoor Living Spaces

You have several options for backyard furnishing ideas. Contemporary looking furniture presents a refined appearance that includes clean lines and conservative colors. Travel to the Mediterranean Sea to receive inspiration for furnishings that resemble the living room furniture found in French and Spanish architectural homes. Cushions and pillows placed on outdoor sofas add a touch of class to your new living arrangement.

Asian furnishings create an exotic ambiance that will have your guests talking for days to come. Elegantly abstract, Asian furnishings present vivid colors that highlight the unique designs of gazebos and pergolas. Asian plants such as bamboo and camellias finish the dazzling design of Asian furnishings. If tea and crumpets is your thing, add English garden furniture featuring romantic walkways and seating areas located away from the crowd.

What are the Types of Living Spaces in McKinney, Texas?

The friendly and experienced team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction suggests several types of living spaces for our McKinney, TX customers. Pergolas create private outdoor spaces, which make the structures ideal for hosting corporate events. Some of our customers like to connect pergolas against the sides of their homes or add a patio cover, while other customers prefer to put up pergolas in specific spots of the backyard.

Square and rectangular shaped pergolas contrast in design with gazebos, which are always shaped round. The outdoor living space represents the perfect venue for hosting dinner parties with an outdoor kitchen.  Eight symmetrically attached columns offer plenty of support to protect guests against the fury unleashed by Mother Nature. Most gazebos comfortably accommodate groups ranging from 5 to 15 guests. Open ended pavilions produce a spacious feel that works best for holding large gatherings. Think of the open ended structures you see in city parks.

Add a Deck Design to Entertain Guests Outdoors

If you want a temporary solution for your outdoor living space, consider adding a treated wood deck in the backyard. After using the deck for a few years, you can complement the use of the structure by adding another type of outdoor living space. Decks work great as the first space your guests visit, before sitting down for dinner under a gazebo or listening to a best man’s toast inside of a pergola. You can cover your new deck with a cover to prevent moisture and sunlight from degrading the wooden material. Decks make the ultimate outdoor living space for homeowners who want to expand the indoor dining room.

The home improvement experts at Brinker Construction will walk you through the steps involved to create the best outdoor living space for your home. First, we review your options, before performing accurate measurements around the perimeter of the backyard. Taking accurate measurements ensures we design an outdoor living space that is built to scale for your property. We then describe additional features for each type of outdoor entertainment area to maximize the benefits of designing the right outdoor living spaces for McKinney, TX homeowners.

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