Why McKinney, TX Homeowners Should Install Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Why do the home services professionals at Brinker Construction recommend custom outdoor kitchens for our McKinney, Texas customers? The easy answer is we live in a warm climate where outdoor cooking is an option every month of the year. Installing a custom outdoor kitchen makes the difficult job of cooking much easier by expanding the amount of space you have for prepping dishes and finishing your masterpieces in an oven and on top of a grill. We encourage many of our customers to add a custom outdoor kitchen directly attached to the door leading into the interior cooking area. You can prep food indoors and then bring the dishes outside for some serious cooking.

Designing Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Three primary components comprise the design of standard outdoor kitchens: prep station, grill station, and refrigeration. Ordering the right grill should reflect the styles you like to use for searing meats and basting fresh vegetable over an open fire. You might want to combine an open flame grill to cook steaks and pork chops, while relying on a rotisserie spit to turn chickens slowly over several hours. Modular grill components allow you to adapt the use of your new grill for implementing a wide variety of grilling techniques.

A state-of-the-art grill means nothing unless you build a first rate prep station. Your prep station should include a sink for rinsing products, as well as saving you time by allowing you to work in one space outdoors. Make sure to research local codes that pertain to the establishment of plumbing systems and minimum drainage prerequisites. Add a refrigeration unit to store the portioned ingredients for your favorite dishes. Depending on how many guests you expect, your refrigeration unit can be a small, portable refrigerator or a commercial grade unit that includes a spacious freezer.

Bring the Heat: Custom Outdoor BBQ Islands in McKinney, Texas

McKinney, TX homeowners are familiar with the Lone Star State’s reputation of being the BBQ capital of the United States. Our team of customer first professionals suggests different types of BBQ islands to help customers entertain large groups of guests who cannot get enough of the heat imparted by properly seasoned and basted meats. The right BBQ island stores all of the utensils you need to turn a slab of uncooked pork ribs into a flavorful rack of tender meat slow cooked over a temperature regulated range.

You can opt for an open flame BBQ inland or go high tech by installing a BBQ island that cooks proteins by gas or electric heat. Whatever heat source you choose, we recommend placing it strategically in the middle of the island to give you full control over basting and grilling. Materials used to design and construct BBQ islands include stone, copper, ceramic, and stainless steel. Moreover, the BBQ island you select must have an easy to access spice rack for applying dry rubs on proteins.

Turn to Brinker Construction for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

When the time comes to shop for a custom outdoor kitchen that includes a BBQ island, you want to tap into the expertise of the home improvement experts at Brinker Construction to build your outdoor living space. While many of our competitors see only dollars and cent signs, our team of friendly and knowledgeable pros want you to make Brinker Construction your go to home services company for years to come. To us, you are much more than a walking checkbook. You are part of our extended family in McKinney, TX.

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