Our team of dedicated home services professionals works with homeowners who have a wide variety of reasons for installing a fence around their properties. No other reason stands out more than the need to create a safe place for families in McKinney, Texas to live.

Without the peace of mind that goes with the addition of fencing, you face daily reminders of the vulnerability faced by you and your family. From children running out into congested streets to thieves scouting your property for the big haul, homeowners who do not have fencing to secure their homes not only face potentially large financial losses caused by theft, they also face higher home insurance rates.

Let Brinker Construction provide the answers to your home safety questions.

Turn to the Safety Fence Company You Can Trust in McKinney, Texas

Safety and security are the two most common reasons our customers invest in high performance fencing. By installing a vinyl or aluminum fence, you prevent criminals from looking into your home to discover routines that leave you vulnerable to theft. Tall vinyl and aluminum fences also deter criminals from entering your property, especially if you have a dog prowling the perimeter of your home. Although no type of fence is 100% criminal proof, vinyl and aluminum fences that contain electric mesh lining do the best job of keeping out intruders.

For safety purposes, any type of fence that includes a self-locking system ensures your kids remain on your property. Whenever a ball sails over the fence, your children have to come to you to open up the fence and retrieve an errant toss. With drivers distracted more than ever, hiring Brinker Construction to build a safety fence prevents your young loved ones from wandering into busy neighborhood streets. Safety fences also keep Fido and Rover on your property.

Other Types of Outdoor Fences

If safety is not your number one fencing priority, our team of highly regarded home services professionals can guide you to other types of outdoor fences. You might contract with us to construct a temporary fence until we design a permanent fence lasting you for decades to come. McKinney, TX homeowners who enjoy splashing in swimming pools should consider building a pool fence to prevent tragic accidents and nighttime pool crashers from playing in your pool. If you have cultivated a garden, we recommend building a garden fence to keep out children and our furry friends who love to dine on lush vegetation. Even if you have installed a fence around the perimeter of your property, asking Brinker Construction to design and install a dog fence creates a second barrier for your best friend. To prevent nosy neighbors from ruining your day, ask our team of home improvement professionals to design a privacy fence.

Select the Best Fence for Your McKinney, TX Home

How do you select the best fence for your McKinney, Texas home? Start by calling Brinker Construction to send a fencing expert who performs accurate measurements of your property’s perimeter. We then ask numerous questions that define your shape and style preferences. Do not forget to include maintenance costs when you consider the different types of fences. You also have to check with your homeowner’s association to confirm the standards required for installing a fence around your property. The local planning and zoning department can give you a map of your property to help you comply with city housing ordinances.

Above all, you must choose the best McKinney, Texas contractor to design and install your new fence. By hiring the home services experts at Brinker Construction, you ensure your new fence offers all the safety features you need to sleep well at night.

Contact Brinker Construction today to schedule an initial consultation for discussing the design and construction of your new fence.