Stylish Custom Patio Covers For Lewisville, Texas Homeowners

You throw a work anniversary party at your Lewisville, TX home. The party begins the evening outdoors on your shiny brand new deck. However, a classic central Texas thunderstorm rumbles in the distance just when you are about to serve the main course.

What should you do?

The question is not what should you do, but how can prevent future parties from getting rained out? Our answer is to install a custom patio cover over a deck or a patio to complete a year round outdoor living space. Since 1981, the licensed and bonded home services professionals at Brinker Construction have guided Lewisville, Texas homeowners to the right custom patio covers for their backyards.

We describe the three primary materials used to design and build patio covers: wood, vinyl, and metal. The material you choose should complement the exterior design of your home. Long lasting aluminum presents a sleek appearance that will be the envy of your neighbors. Vinyl withstands the worst weather delivered by Mother Nature, especially spring and summer thunderstorms that can drop large hailstones.

Benefits of Adding Patio Covers in Lewisville, Texas

Patio covers provide protection for your guests whenever the skies unleash a torrent of rain. We recommend selecting a patio cover for your Lewisville, TX home that includes side flaps to deliver full weather protection. The best patio covers come with attachments that allow you to hook up portable heaters and air conditioners. You can enjoy sitting outdoors every month of the year. Instead of renting out a banquet hall or a conference room, you invite your friends, family members, and professional peers over for a celebration or simply to work on a project. Patio covers also provide plenty of shade, which can lower the temperature on the patio by as much as 10 degrees.

Installing a patio cover opens the space inside your home. Because of covered protection, you can use the deck or patio to set places for dinner or position tables to act as a prep station for when you cook at home. We have worked with clients who asked our team of certified home services experts to design and construct a wet bar under a patio cover. A patio cover secured to strong wooden support beams makes the ideal structure for hanging colorful plants and lights.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

Although a patio cover is a home improvement expensed that returns a healthy increase in the value of your home, the functional addition to the deck or patio ensures your outdoor furniture remains in mint condition. Instead of hauling the furniture back and forth every time you throw a bash, all you have to do is secure the furniture in one area by using a strong rope or cable. Outdoor furniture can run into the hundreds of dollars, and even more if you install a BBQ island or some other type of kitchen equipment outdoors.

Hire a BBB Accredited Home Services Contractor

Why is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation important for Lewisville homeowners searching for the right home services company? The answer is simple: BBB accreditation means a company has achieved a long record of delivering high quality products and superior customer service. For more than 35 years, BBB accredited Brinker Construction has set the standard for taking care of customers in the Dallas metroplex. The BBB has also awarded us with the consumer advocacy organization’s highest rating of A+. Go with the patio cover installation team the BBB trusts.

Contact Brinker Construction today to discuss the installation of a patio cover in your Lewisville, Texas backyard.