Outdoor Living Spaces For Lewisville, Texas Homeowners

For more than 35 years, the licensed and bonded team of professionals at Brinker Construction has designed and installed a wide variety of outdoor living spaces for clients living all across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our commitment to quality has made us the go to home services contractor for creating unique outdoor structures that stand the test of time and intense Lewisville, TX weather. Whether you want to add a second kitchen outside or install a patio cover to protect your guests from Mother Nature, we have the expertise to turn your backyard into the talk of the neighborhood.

The mild climate in central Texas makes adding an outdoor living space a no brainer for Lewisville, Texas residents. What requires considerable thought is hiring the best home improvement contractor to get the job done right. Our dedicated team of professionals receives extensive continuous training to ensure what we design and construct sets the standard for outdoor living space performance.

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Living Space

Have you ever thrown a party and realized you need more room to entertain your guests? By installing an outdoor living space, you expand the amount of space you have to make all your guests feel comfortable. An outdoor kitchen reduces crowding in the kitchen and a custom gazebo produces an extra room for guests to socialize before dinner. Another reason for adding outdoor living spaces in Lewisville, TX is Brinker Construction can customize the size of your pergola or pavilion to fit perfectly on the side of your yard where you grow plants and vegetables. A small outdoor living space is ideal for preventing bad weather from damaging your garden.

When you add a room inside your home, you immediately benefit from the addition with an increase in home value. The more rooms inside your home, the more you house is worth to prospective buyers. The same economic principle applies to outdoor living spaces. Installing a pergola or gazebo creates an additional room, which in turn bumps up your home’s worth. The additional room can be an area for your family to relax or for a large group of friends to celebrate a special occasion.

Popular Types of Outdoor Living Spaces in Lewisville, TX

The outdoor living spaces specialists at Brinker Construction customize pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, outdoor kitchens and patio covers to meet the criteria given to us by Lewisville, Texas homeowners. A patio cover provides protection for the high quality materials we use to construct a deck or patio. Build an outdoor kitchen and enjoy more room to cook and prepare food. Many of our outdoor kitchen designs include BBQ islands that smoke and roast your favorite meats. Sophisticated pergolas produce an appearance that reminds you and your guests of a Tuscan villa. Attach flaps to a custom designed gazebo and enjoy supreme comfort by attaching a portable heater or air conditioner to the support beams. With a square or rectangular shape, a durable pavilion can become an extension of your dining room.

Hire a Highly Rated Home Services Contractor

When you perform research for hiring the best home services contractor to design and build an outdoor living space, your first stop for research should be at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web page for Brinker Construction. The BBB awarded our certified company an A+, which represents the highest rating given to small businesses. Our BBB accredited company also receives positive reviews from the clients who have benefited from the installation of outdoor living spaces.

Contact Brinker Construction today to learn more about adding an outdoor living space for your Lewisville, TX home.