You have a huge home improvement decision to make. The decision to install an outdoor living space was the easy part. After all, you have wanted to extend the comforting warmth of your home outdoors to entertain guests and enjoy a little privacy. Brinker Construction has helped Irving, Texas homeowners customize the right pergolas and gazebos for outdoor installation since 1981. Our team of home services professionals takes pride in saving you money, while increasing the value of your home.

When you are ready to move forward with the installation of a custom gazebo or pergola, choose Brinker Construction to build the best outdoor structure for your home.

Why You Should Add a Custom Pergola or Gazebo

Installing a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo in the backyard increases the value of your home for two reasons. First, adding the right outdoor structure enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Numerous design features make your outdoor structure stand out in the neighborhood. Second, pergolas and gazebos offer functional benefits for Irving, Texas homeowners. You might want to build a pergola to prevent heat and sunlight from turning a verdant garden into a plot of weeds. Pergolas and gazebos also connect to homes, which increase the amount of room you have for entertaining guests.

Many backyards in Irving, TX are vacant parcels of land. By adding a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo, you transform an ordinary backyard into an outdoor living space. Pergolas and gazebos allow homeowners to define how they want to use backyard spaces. You can install a gazebo to extend the indoor dining room or add a pergola that connects to the door leading to the kitchen.

Features to Consider for Pergolas and Gazebos

The custom pergola and outdoor gazebo experts at Brinker Construction are not finished improving your home by merely recommending an outdoor structure. Our team of highly rated custom service professionals also knows the types of features that bring out the best in your new outdoor living space.

From strings of small lights to the placement of large chandeliers, we hook up the right lighting system to brighten your day. You can also place potted plants within a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo to create a natural outdoor venue for entertaining professional colleague after a long day of work. Most of the custom pergolas and outdoor gazebos we install include the option to attach easy to open and close flaps. One of the most appealing benefits of outdoor living structures is the open ended designs allow fresh air to circulate. Vents and flaps ensure your guests remain comfortably dry during a central Texas deluge.

Climate Control for Irving, TX Homeowners

Brinker Construction goes beyond suggesting the right vents and flaps for your newly installed custom pergola or outdoor gazebo. We also encourage our Irving, Texas customers to consider setting up a climate control system that regulates both the temperature and humidity of an outdoor living space. While sizzling summer heat typically dominates the weather conversation in the Dallas metroplex, you also have to deal with sharp, yet short-lived bouts of winter weather. The climate control system we recommend for your custom pergola or outdoor gazebo prevents overwhelming heat and bone chilling cold from forcing you to take your outdoor bash indoors.

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has offered the highest quality home services for Irving, TX homeowners. Call our office or complete the short online form today to schedule an initial consultation that starts you on the way to installing a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo.