When the time comes to install the best custom outdoor pavilion for your Irving, TX home, you want to a company that has more than 35 years of experience designing and installing custom outdoor pavilions. When you hire our team of home services specialists, you can expect friendly customer service delivered by licensed and bonded professionals.

Several factors play a role in determining the type of custom outdoor pavilion to add in the backyard. The amount of room available to build a structure that includes support poles and a rugged canopy is the first thing to consider. Second, we have to consider how the yard slopes, as well as the presence of other outdoor structures, such as a shed or swimming pool. We also have to take into account municipal housing codes and any restrictions issued by your homeowners association.

We will walk you through every step of the design and installation process to ensure you enjoy entertaining guests in inside of the best looking custom outdoor pavilion in Irving, Texas.

What Features Do You Want for a Custom Outdoor Pavilion?

The fun part of the project starts after we determine the size and appearance of your new custom outdoor pavilion. Every pavilion we design includes unique style elements that offer both functionality and a way for homeowners to express themselves through a home addition.

We can add a cupola, which brings a more sophisticated look that exudes rural charm. Different post designs allow us to match the appearance of a pavilion to the exterior décor of your home. The team of home improvement professionals at Brinker Construction recommends adding trim to standard square posts to create a visually stunning look that your neighbors will notice. You have the option to customize the pavilion roof and add decorative lighting that makes it possible to dine under the stars.

The Benefits for Irving, TX Homeowners

Adding an outdoor living space increases the value of your home, which is the greatest benefit of installing a custom outdoor pavilion. You also receive protection against Mother Nature’s worst weather, from powerful thunderstorms to the ice storms that visit the Dallas metroplex virtually every winter. All you have to do attach heaters to the canopy to enjoy warmth throughout every outdoor event held at your Irving, TX home. Pavilions also make excellent outdoor structures for adding a second kitchen or entertaining guests around a wet bar. You can also place a pavilion over a garden to prevent debris from landing on delicate plants, as well as keeping out pests such as squirrels and rabbits.

Work with Brinker Construction to Get the Job Done Right

When you review the credentials of home services contractors for designing and installing a custom outdoor pavilion, you must check for complaints and any litigation caused by contractor incompetence. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) presents a rating for each home services company operating in Irving, Texas. Anything less than an A+ rating is unacceptable.

We encourage our new customers to check the references we provide to give them the peace of mind that their pavilion installation projects go off without a hitch and complete under budget. Online reviews can help you determine the right contractor, but you should stick with sites such as Angie’s List that do not allow anonymous reviews. Angie’s List also
verifies every contributor used the contractor that was reviewed.

Cutting cost corners to design and install a custom outdoor pavilion can cost you more money in the long run. Get the job done right by calling our office or filling out the convenient online form to schedule an appointment today.