The time has come to tailgate for an upcoming Dallas Cowboys games against a National Football League eastern division foe. Instead of tailgating at Texas Stadium, why not enjoy a laid back ambiance at home cooking your favorite pre-game foods in your new custom outdoor kitchen.

Since 1981, the professional team of home services experts at Brinker Construction has worked with many Irving, TX homeowners to design and install custom outdoor kitchens. Some of our customers ask for outdoor kitchen designs that produce dishes for large groups of guests, while some of our loyal customers prefer smaller outdoor kitchens to create intimate dining experiences under a pergola or gazebo.

Brinker Construction helps Plano, Texas homeowners learn why a custom outdoor kitchen works perfectly as a home improvement addition. We also describe the types of layouts that differentiate our custom outdoor kitchens from what our competitors offer in the Dallas metroplex.

Why We Recommend Adding a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

We create the right size outdoor kitchen to fit under a custom pergola, gazebo, and pavilion. To enhance the football ambiance before a Cowboys game, make sure to include the world renowned Cowboys logo on the canopy covering your guests. By using the highest grade materials and equipment, installing a custom outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. We encourage our customers to select copper and/or stainless steel for the materials used to design and manufacture grills and food prep tables.

An outdoor cooking area also allows you to store more food products in cabinets and refrigeration units. You prepare your favorite dishes indoors and then bring the ingredients outdoors for some serious cooking. The extension of your indoor kitchen eliminates the cramped feeling of having guests looking over your shoulder, while you stir a sauce or turn a steak.

Types of Outdoor Kitchens for Irving, TX Homeowners

The primary goal of our team of home improvement experts involves designing outdoor kitchen that meet all of the criteria listed by our loyal customers. Our favorite style of outdoor kitchen acts as an extension of the indoor kitchen. We install the kitchen next to the back door leading to the kitchen and then we put up a patio cover to prevent Mother Nature from dampening your favorite dishes. Brinker construction designs custom outdoor kitchens that include table ends to seat guests who love to watch the master work over a stylish BBQ island.

Straight line kitchens appear similar to smaller indoor kitchenettes. Irving, Texas homeowners restricted by tight budgets should consider the smaller, yet high-performance custom outdoor kitchen layout. A straight line kitchen connects to one of the walls of your home, which means you need to choose a non-flammable material to prevent heat from burning the siding. A BBQ island creates a separate area used exclusively for grilling meats, seafood, and vegetables. Hire Brinker Construction to customize U-shaped outdoor kitchen that complements your home’s exterior decor of.

Eat Healthy Meals by Installing a BBQ Island

With a long growing season in Irving, TX, you can enjoy cooking making dishes outdoors consisting of the fresh fruits and vegetable that grew in your garden. Grilling proteins over an open BBQ island flame from wood sources ensures you and your family eat healthy. Research shows cooking at home also produces a much healthier body, as you control the amount of salt, oils, and butter you add to food. Portion control drawers built into a custom outdoor BBQ island also prevents unwanted calories and saturated fats from accumulating on your outdoor dining menu.

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has impressed Irving, Texas homeowners with a wide variety of custom outdoor kitchen designs. Call us or complete the online form today to schedule an appointment.