Hire To Install Fencing In Irving, Texas

When you want to install a fence around the perimeter of your home, turn to a home services company that has operated in Irving, TX for more than 35 years. The team of fencing experts at Brinker Construction first describes the benefits of adding a fence, and then we go over the different types of fence materials to determine which material works best for your house and your home improvement budget.

Brinker Construction installs, metal, wooden, PVC, and electrical fences throughout the Dallas metroplex. Our wide variety of wood fencing allows you to install a fence that complements the exterior design of your Irving, Texas home. Whether you choose oak, pine, or cedar, Brinker Construction ensures you enjoy the highest quality fencing in the neighborhood.

The Benefits of Adding a Fence for Irving, TX Homeowners

Abundant wildlife in central Texas is reason enough to install a fence around your home. From hungry raccoons to poisonous snakes, installing a fence keeps unwelcome critters from accessing your property. Preventing wildlife from intruding onto your property ensures the safety of your kids and pets. Moreover, by adding a fence, you ensure your young loved ones remain within sight. Make sure to install a fence with no openings to keep small pets from roaming neighborhood streets.

Privacy represents another reason Brinker Construction gets the call to install fencing for Irving, TX homeowners. With a privacy fence, you prevent snooping neighbors from looking in on your outdoor parties. You might need a tall fence to prevent a neighbor from checking your guests out from a third floor window or a short privacy fence that simply marks your territory. The licensed and bonded team of fencing specialists at Brinker Construction can design a custom fence that decreases the noise coming from loud neighbors and bustling highways.

Don’t Forget about Curb Appeal

When we promote the benefits of installing a fence for Irving, TX homeowners, we like to lead the list by mentioning a fence increases the value of your home. You hear about curb appeal, but what exactly does that mean? Curb appeal is the visual impression people get of your home by either driving or walking by the front of the property. Enhanced curb appeal by adding a fence also boosts the value of your home. The experienced team of home services experts at Brinker Construction customizes fence designs to create the most aesthetically appealing appearance for your home. By improving the style of your home, we also help you gain more value for the entire property. Wooden fences typically do the best job of increasing home values.

Minimize the Cost of Maintaining Your New Fences

Ask yourself one important question when it comes to deciding on the type of fence to install around your home. How much time and money do you want to spend maintaining a fence? From refilling support post holes to adding another coat of paint, maintaining a fence can set back your home improvement budget. When we work with Irving, Texas homeowners, we make sure to design fences that require minimal maintenance. Aluminum and PVC fences typically require the least amount of attention. Both types of fences also do great jobs of weathering central Texas storms.

When you want to build a fence to enhance the value of your home, you have many home services company options operating in and near Irving, TX. However, only one home services company has provided superior fencing products and services since 1981.

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