The homes services team at Brinker Construction works with Grapevine, Texas customers to find ways to enhance the beauty of outdoor living spaces. Our team of home improvement professionals frequently recommends custom pergolas and outdoor gazebos to create a visually stunning outdoor structure.

You might want a custom pergola to host friend and family members or you might want to attach a gazebo to your home that acts as an extension to the indoor kitchen. Whatever the reasons for installing a custom pergola or outdoor gazebo, Brinker Construction has more than 35 years of experience helping Grapevine, TX homeowners make the right decision.

Choose Between a Flat and Gable Custom Pergola

You can install either a flat or a gable pergola connected to a back door entrance. Our team of dedicated home services experts prefers to use brackets to connect pergolas to decrease the pressure the outdoor living space places on your home. Gable pergolas create an airy and cool outdoor venue for entertaining guests. With a high roof and four open ends, gable pergolas encourage the circulation of air to ensure supreme comfort for everyone in attendance.

Flat pergolas offer more home design versatility for Grapevine, Texas homeowners. Brinker Construction can attach a flat pergola to blend with a timber ceiling seamlessly, as well as the fans and lighting system you have installed inside of your home. With a flat pergola that has standard roof sheets, we suggest our customers add a roof that slopes at least five degrees to ensure fast water runoff during a classic central Texas thunderstorm.

The Best Outdoor Gazebo Features

Our team of custom pergola and outdoor gazebo specialists recommend adding vented soffits along the perimeter of a gazebo to increase ventilation by as much as 30%. Increased ventilation comes in handy during outdoor special events held in the middle of a Grapevine, TX heat wave. Cornice boards covered by vinyl sleeves create a low maintenance way to enhance the attractiveness of your new outdoor living space. Solid wood structural posts made with cedar or pine eliminate the need to add vinyl sleeves, as laminated natural wood provides unsurpassed support for outdoor gazebos. Your new outdoor structure requires you to select a roof material. Brinker Construction likes to use asphalt shingles installed over groove underlayments. Our roof support design typically calls for rafter measuring two by six feet. You can also go with cedar shakes for the gazebo roof that shield guests from rain and heat.

Benefits of Custom Pergolas and Gazebos for Grapevine, Texas Homeowners

Turning your vacant backyard into an outdoor living space increases the value of your home. Custom pergolas and gazebos create a private place for you to relax after work or for entertaining guests at a party. Brinker Construction offers several options for closing opened ended custom pergolas and gazebos to maximize privacy. With a warm climate that changes between high desert heat and surges of tropical moisture, a climate controlled custom pergola or gazebo allows you to enjoy the great outdoors year round. Outdoor living spaces also offer protection for vegetation that is vulnerable to the weather and the interest of small animals.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has led the way in providing professional home services. Our team of experienced customer service professionals helps Grapevine, TX homeowners installs the right custom pergolas and outdoor gazebos for their homes. We know how to maximize the space in your backyard to create stunningly beautiful pergolas and gazebos.

Contact Brinker Construction to schedule an appointment for determining what type of pergola or gazebo complements the design of your home and the size of your backyard.