Grapevine, Texas homeowners who hire Brinker Construction to design and install a deck or patio come away with a home addition that increases the value of their property. However, our job is not done until we protect your investment by adding the best custom outdoor cover.

Custom outdoor patio covers prevent Mother Nature from degrading the furniture you have placed on a deck or patio. From metal frame tables with glass surfaces to vinyl couches that include plush pillows, you need to install the highest grade custom outdoor patio cover to keep your outdoor furniture in pristine condition for years to come.

Since 1981, our team of home services professionals has installed custom outdoor patio covers in Grapevine, TX. When you contract with Brinker to add a patio cover, you receive friendly and knowledgeable customer service that helps you determine the type of material to use for designing a patio cover. We also describe the benefits you enjoy by putting up a second roof for your home.

Should You Choose Wood or Metal for an Outdoor Patio Cover?

Many of our Grapevine, Texas customers want to know whether to go with wood or metal for attaching a patio cover. You have several metal options, with aluminum representing the superior choice. Aluminum patio covers offer several styles, sizes, and colors, to match the design of your home. Unlike other types of metals, aluminum patio covers prevent moisture damage caused by rust and corrosion. Aluminum also offers the metallic benefit of protection against pesky insect infestations.

Wood patio covers remain the most popular type of patio custom outdoor patio cover for Grapevine, Texas homeowners. If your home exterior is made of cedar, then a patio cover designed with cedar is the optimal match. Wood also places little impact on the environment, especially for homeowners who purchase custom outdoor patio covers constructed with sustainable wood, such as oak and pine. However, wood patio covers are susceptible to rain and insect damage.

The Best of Both Worlds: Alumawood Patio Covers

Manufacturers design alumawood to present the rustic appearance of wood, while delivering the long lasting durability of aluminum. Our team of licensed and bonded home improvement experts knows how to modify alumawood patio covers to blend seamlessly with a wide variety of exterior home decors. If your home contains mostly wooden exterior, with a thin aluminum trim, we design a custom outdoor patio constructed with alumawood to reflect your home’s appearance. We offer alumawood patio covers in several styles for decks, patios, gazebos, and pergolas.

Benefits of Patio Cover Designs in Grapevine, TX

Custom outdoor patio covers offer numerous benefits for Grapevine, TX homeowners. Patio covers offer cool comfort by providing shade to guests who attend a party during blazing central Texas summer days. You can set up a mister to cool guests in July and turn on a heater to warm the bones during a January bash. When you throw a large party, an outdoor patio allows you to extend the space for entertainment into the backyard. Brinker Construction installs custom outdoor patio covers that connect to the back entrance of a home to extend the space used for creating an outdoor kitchen. You can also attach lighting to a patio cover awning to brighten the ambiance of your big event.

For more than 35 years, the experienced team of home services specialists at Brinker Construction has helped homeowners install the best custom outdoor patio covers in Grapevine, Texas. Contact Brinker Construction today to schedule an initial consultation that determines what style of patio cover works best for your home.