Outdoor Living Space Design in Grapevine, TX

What was once a fleeting thought has turned into an inspiring vision. After all, a couple of your neighbors have added outdoor living spaces in the backyard and quite frankly, the pergola and gazebo are attention grabbers. The question is not whether to install an outdoor living space, but which home services contractor should you hire to increase the value of your home.

For more than 35 years, the licensed and bonded team of professionals at Brinker Construction has helped Grapevine, Texas homeowners install outdoor living structures. Our certified contractors have received rave reviews from clients that appreciate friendly customer service and knowledgeable home improvement experts that build the right outdoor living space for your home. By certified, we mean Brinker has earned the home services industry’s version of an Academy Award by receiving the coveted GAG Certified Master Elite Contractor designation.

Why You Should Install an Outdoor Living Space

Why should you consider an outdoor living space? Adding an outdoor living structure creates more square footage for your Grapevine, TX home. We all know the more space you have, the higher the value of your property. Enhanced aesthetic appeal also contributes to bringing you more money for your property. An outdoor living space takes advantage of the typically mild Central Texas climate. Even if Mother Nature unleashes a heat wave or a wave of frozen precipitation, there are ways to weatherproof outdoor living spaces to ensure optimal comfort.

Outdoor spaces expand the amount of room you have to entertain guests. For example, you can build a large pavilion to host a wedding reception or family reunion. Put up a few tables and rent plenty of chairs to extend the indoor dining room into the fresh air outdoors. A patio cover increases the room your guests have to mingle when the weather turns wet, but the party is far from over. If you want more privacy for you and your guests, installing a covered gazebo ensures you enjoy a private venue to host friends and family members.

Pergola versus Gazebo: Make the Right Choice in Grapevine, Texas

The certified team of home improvement specialists at Brinker Construction hears one question more than any other question: Should I go with a pergola or a gazebo? Although the answer to the question mostly comes down to preference, each outdoor living structure brings unique features to the table. Nonetheless, both structures enhance the appearance of your backyard, while offering the type of functionality that increases the value of your property. What you have to consider first is the size and shape of your backyard. A pergola has four sides that form a square or rectangle. If your backyard is shaped in a square or rectangle, then a pergola is probably your pick. Gazebos work best for Grapevine, Texas homeowners who own properties that include backyard perimeters of different configurations. However, you can customize a pergola and gazebo to match the shape and size of the backyard.

How to Furnish an Outdoor Living Space

Speaking of customization, how you furnish an outdoor living space goes a long way in establishing a unique look for your house. Asian or Mediterranean style chairs introduce a theme for your outdoor structure. Installing a stove and prep table extends the indoor kitchen into the backyard. You can hang plants and lights around the sides of a pavilion to create a tranquil ambiance that puts your guests at ease.

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