With 2018 ushered in with a bang, the time has come to look forward to spring in Grapevine, Texas. After all, winters in the Dallas metroplex are typically short and mostly sweet. We might get one or two ice storms, but certainly nothing like the blizzard our friends on the east coast recently endured.

With thoughts of warm weather and chirping birds, how do you plan to get more out of your backyard? Do you want to entertain larger groups of guests? Do you want something to complement the stylish outdoor living structure you had Brinker Construction install? One of the most effective ways to get more out of your outdoor living space is by adding a custom outdoor kitchen and BBQ Island.

For more the 35 years, the home services professionals at Brinker Construction have custom designed gorgeous outdoor kitchen for Grapevine, TX homeowners. Allow us to explain why you should consider installing a custom outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Custom Kitchens Offer Homeowners Several Benefits

You have just about used every square inch space of your kitchen. Yet, you need more room to add more appliances and maybe a new and improved longer prep table. A custom outdoor kitchen expands the amount of room you have to prepare food before a big bash. Take the prep station outside to create more space for the new appliances. Instead of reminding guests to “Stay out of the kitchen,” an outdoor grill and BBQ island changes the tune to “Everyone around the grill.” Outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands represents ultimate social gathering places for friends and families to interact.

By installing a custom outdoor kitchen and BBQ island, you increase the equity in your home. Appraisers place more value on a home that best utilizes the outdoor living space. You also create more goodwill in the neighborhood because you can cook for larger groups. Invite more neighbors and your status in the neighborhood will shoot to the top of the list. Instead of paying a king’s ransom to host a wedding reception of a wedding anniversary party at a pricey venue, you can host the events at home and fall way under your budget.

BBQ Island Floors for Grapevine, Texas Homeowners

Does choosing the right BBQ island floor matter for Grapevine, TX homeowner. You bet it does. With central Texas renowned for powerful thunderstorms, you cannot afford to allow the area around a BBQ island become a mud pit. Our customer service focused professionals walk through the flooring options and when it comes time to pick your favorite, we make sure to clearly explain the pros and cons of going with a particular floor design for the BBQ island.

Tuscan style BBQ islands present unfinished, completely washed and exposed aggregate design to produce a rustic ambiance that takes you out of the city and into Texas Hill Country. Textured stamped concrete floors complement the symmetrical design of evenly lined rocks and bricks that sit adjacent to sidewalks and driveways. If a more elegant look appeals to you, opt for the traditional English design of brick or dark flagstones to make your outdoor living space the focal point of the backyard.

Select the Right Type of Floor for a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

For a custom outdoor kitchen, we recommend that you make safety the number one concern. You can expect spills to land on the ground and a slippery custom outdoor kitchen floor presents a safety hazard. Stay away from glazed and porous tiles, since the materials turn slick during prolonged exposed to moisture. Safety first materials such as concrete and natural stone ensure you remain on your feet, while you cook your specialty dishes.

Contact Brinker Construction today to turn your outdoor kitchen dream into a customized reality.