If you are looking for an affordable way to increase the value of your Grapevine, Texas home, the home services professionals at Brinker Construction have the best solution. Not only does your property go up in price, you also ensure your pets and children remain safe and secure within your property boundary lines.

We are talking about installing a fence around the perimeter of your home.

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has helped Grapevine, TX homeowners install fencing that last for decades. Our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals design fencing that spans the proper width and extends to the right height to match your home improvement needs. We first explain to you the benefits of adding a fence, before we discuss the types of fencing available for Grapevine, Texas homeowners.

Does PVC Fencing Make Sense for Grapevine, Texas Homeowners?

The experienced team of fencing specialists at Brinker Construction works with many homeowners who operate on tight home improvement budgets. By far the most affordable type of fencing, a PVC fence offers a lot more than savings for you and your family. PVC stakes and pickets do not provide as strong of support as the strength offered by wood and metal stakes and pickets. However, PVC sleeves help you reduce the cost of installing a 100% wooden fence. PVC is also resistant to the worst weather delivered throughout the year in central Texas, from powerful thunderstorms to winter weather that features a thick coat of ice laid on Grapevine, TX roads and highways.

Invisible Fence for Your Furry Best Friend

You might need a fence only to prevent your furry best friend from running out into the street or spending time rummaging through the next door neighbor’s garden. If you just want a fence installed to keep Fido on your property, we recommend you opt for an invisible fence, or what many homeowners call an electrical fence. Invisible fences control the movement of dogs by creating an invisible electrical field.

We install electric fences by putting a wire in a trench dug into the ground along the boundary of your property. Then, the team of home services experts at Brinker Construction sets a wireless transmitter near the wire to create an electrical surge. A battery charged collar completes the invisible fencing deal and if your furry best friend tries to cross the invisible boundary, it hears a pitch only a canine can hear to warn the dog to stay within the yard. If the dog continues on its quest to leave the property, it receives a slight electrical shock as a reminder to stay put.

Enjoy Privacy with Brinker Construction Fencing

The installation of a privacy fence serves two primary purposes. First, a privacy fence ensures you enjoy entertaining guests in the backyard, without having to worry about snooping neighbors turning the party into a buzz kill. Second, privacy fences cost less than most other types of fences, as you do not need to use more expensive wood or metal to construct the fence.
Privacy fences are more about width and height than about type of material. A small fence designed with affordable wood might be all you need or you can choose a tall privacy fence constructed with high-grade aluminum.

Whatever type of fence you decide to install, one company serving Grapevine, Texas homeowners is your best option to achieve long lasting durability. Since 1981, Brinker Construction has offered the best fencing services in the greater Dallas metroplex. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to determine the best type of fencing for your Grapevine, TX home.