Roof Repair In Garland, Texas

One of the classic Texas thunderstorms has just rolled through the Dallas metroplex. You notice several roof shingles flapping in the strong wind. Inside your home, several light flowing leaks have turned into gushing water down the side of your dining room wall. Dust shaken loose from underneath the roof has significantly weakened a few wooden support beams.

You think the worst has happened, and maybe it has, but you will not know for sure until you ask the licensed and bonded team of roofing contractors at Brinker Construction to inspect the damage.

roof inspection and repair

Our certified roofing contractors thoroughly examine your roof to determine if all that is required involves making a couple of roof

repairs. We exhaust every repair strategy, before we conclude you need a whole new roof. As word of mouth advertising proves, we always put the interests of our customers above everything else. You can expect us to deliver the certified roofing services you need, not the unneeded roofing services that lines our pockets with cash.

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What Causes Roof Damage?

In addition to hail and wind damage brought on by violent thunderstorms, what other factors produce roof damage? Garland, TX streets are lined with towering trees, some of which have reached the end of the line. From rot and decay to poor root development, trees can suddenly come crashing down onto Garland, Texas homeowner roofs. Depending on the size of a tree falling into a roof, the resulting damage might require the installation of a new roof. Unattended flashing problems can deteriorate to the point that the only solution is to start over with new roofing. Chimney, skylight, and vent pipe leaks all contribute to causing roof damage.

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Fixing Roof Leaks for Garland Texas Homeowners

It starts with the annoying dripping of water from above. You catch the water drops in several plastic buckets. However, the buckets present no match for the deluge of water that pours through a permanently damaged roof. To avoid a sizeable hit to your homeowner insurance premiums, you need to take care of roof leaks the moment you spot discoloration on the ceiling.

Improperly installed flashing can trap water until the weight is too much for your roof to handle. Bitumen roofs leak water whenever the roofing material has an inferior moisture barrier or worse, no moisture barrier at all. The lack of a moisture barrier happens because of slow degradation. Precipitation penetrates roof materials and eventually, it builds into strong water streams that invade Garland, Texas homes. Insufficient number of head and backwater laps generates roof blisters that trap water. When you detect water leaks of any size and power, you must immediately contact a certified home services contractor to prevent further damage.

Emergency Roof Repair

Roof leaks can occur any time of day, from a late night deluge delivered by Mother Nature to a rotting tree dropping on your home in the middle of the day. When you need roof repair after normal business hours, you need to contact the highly skilled roofing specialists at Brinker Construction. We act quickly to ensure any roof issue does not develop into a catastrophic hit on the family budget. We offer 24 hours per day, seven days per week emergency roofing services for the residents of Garland, TX and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We promptly remove fallen trees and ensure you at least have a temporary sound roof to protect you until we perform the necessary repairs.

Call our office or complete the convenient online form today to schedule a free inspection for your roof.