When you want to collaborate with a Garland, TX home services company to enhance the value of your home, turn to the licensed and bonded team of professionals at Brinker Construction. We offer several options for you to install a custom pergola or an outdoor gazebo anywhere in the backyard. Our outdoor living structure experts understand how to maximize the space you have in the backyard, as well as create the perfect design of a custom pergola or an outdoor gazebo that blends in seamlessly with the exterior decor of your home.

Corpus Garland, Texas homeowners have several options for selecting a home services company. Do you want to take a chance on a home services company that has operated in the area for only a few years or turn to an established company that has defined home services along the Gulf Coast since 1981?

The answer is easy: Choose Brinker Construction to build a custom pergola or an outdoor gazebo for your home.

Benefits of Adding a Custom Pergola

By installing a custom pergola in the backyard, you immediately improve the appearance of your home. A custom pergola generates value by offering you several design options that complement the design of your home. With addition of plants and artwork, you create an outdoor version of a stylish living room. Functional additions such as an outdoor kitchen increase the value of your home as well.

Adding a pergola in the backyard also optimizes the use of your outdoor living area. What was once a blank parcel of real estate that might have included a vegetable garden is now the primary attraction of your home. You can connect a pergola to the kitchen entrance to create an extension of your culinary haven or build a custom pergola next to a small pond that exudes tranquility. By defining your outdoor living space, you have the ultimate spot for entertaining guests.

Entertain Guests at Your Garland, TX Home

With the temperate climate of Garland, TX comes numerous opportunities to entertain guests outdoors. However, we have to deal with humid conditions that often lead to the formation of storms. A custom pergola designed with closed ends and a raised roof represents the ideal outdoor structure for entertaining guests. Open the roof and ends when the sun beams its cheery rays and batten down the hatches when Mother Nature roars into town. A downsized pergola offers the perfect place to get together with friends and family members for quiet dinners or intimate celebrations.

Screen Windows and Composite Flooring for an Outdoor Gazebo

Installing a gazebo is the other outdoor living space option for Corpus Garland, Texas homeowners. Screen windows designed for an outdoor gazebo encourage the circulation of air, as well as prevent pesky insects from bothering you and your guests. Composite flooring works great with vinyl gazebos, with the addition of a parquet floor creating an attractive look and non-slip surface. If you plan to install a hot tub or outdoor kitchen inside of a custom gazebo, make sure the floor structurally supports the additional weight.

Brinker construction has served customers in the Corpus Garland, TX area since 1981. Our team of customer first home services professionals excels in designing the right custom pergolas and outdoor gazebos for our loyal customers. From a small open-ended pergola to a large outdoor gazebo installed with a brick-lined pond, we know how to increase the value of your home.

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