Designing Custom Outdoor Pavilions in Garland, Texas

Since 1981, the home services professionals at Brinker Construction have earned the reputation of designing and installing the finest custom outdoor pavilions for Garland, TX homeowners. Open-ended pavilions extend the amount of space you have to entertain guests and with the temperate Gulf Coast climate offering warm comfort virtually year round, adding a pavilion to the backyard makes home improvement sense. It also makes dollars and cents, as a custom outdoor pavilion will increase the value of your home.

What to Consider Before Installing a Custom Outdoor Pavilion

When you work with Brinker Construction to install a custom outdoor pavilion, our team of home services experts asks one question to get the project rolling: How do you plan to use the new pavilion? Do you envision the pavilion to protect you and your family from the wrath of Mother Nature during quiet dinners? Will you entertain guests at night? Does the pool need sufficient covering to prevent UV rays from damaging the skin? Do you want to hang plants for aesthetic reasons or heaters to thwart winter chill? Many of the pavilions we custom design serve multiple purposes to ensure you receive the highest value for your home improvement investment.

Wood or Vinyl: The Ultimate Decision for Garland, TX Homeowners

One of the most frequent questions asked by Garland, Texas homeowners involves the type of material used to custom design an outdoor patio. Wood and vinyl pavilions offer several benefits for homeowners. Wood-especially pine and cedar-presents a more traditional appearance that complements the exterior design of many homes located in Garland, TX. Installing a wood custom outdoor pavilion enhances the appearance of your home and if your backyard sits next to a street, you improve curb appeal as well. You can apply a wide variety of paint and stain options to realize your pavilion design vision.

Vinyl blends with most home exterior decors to create a simple style that comes in white or ivory. If you want protection against classic Gulf of Mexico storms, vinyl does the best job of preventing damage caused by wind and hail. A custom outdoor vinyl pavilion also works for protecting a garden from torrential rain. Unlike wood, vinyl requires little maintenance, with all you having to do is run water from a hose over the canopy to keep it clean.

Choose the Right Contractor for Your Custom Outdoor Pavilion Project

Now that we have you interested in adding a custom outdoor pavilion for your Garland, Texas home, the next question to answer involves how to choose the right contractor for the home services project. Start by considering only contractors that employ licensed and bonded home improvement professionals. Experience matters and Brinker Construction has more than 35 years of providing highly rated home improvement services.

Read reviews left online by customers, as well as check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page for the contractor to determine if customers have filed complaints against the business. The BBB should also have a rating presented at the top right hand corner of the contractor’s page. An A+ is the highest possible rating handed out by the BBB. Check references and ask your friends and family members for personal recommendations. Word of mouth advertising is still an effective way to find the best contractor in Garland, TX.

When you sit down with our team of custom outdoor pavilion specialists, you can expect a thorough review of the design of your home and the size of your property to determine the right pavilion for you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to answer all of your questions.