You have just installed a beautiful deck or patio. The urge to reflect on your new addition should be tempered by one important fact.

You need a custom outdoor patio cover to protect your Garland, TX home improvement investment, whether you decide to build a pergola or simply add awning over the surface of the outdoor living space.

Since 1981, the licensed and bonded home services professionals at Brinker Construction have helped homeowners throughout the Texas Gulf Coast near Garland, Texas select the right patio cover for outdoor living spaces. We know which of the three primary types of patio covers works best for your home. You might go with aluminum to prevent insects from chewing away at your investment or opt for wood to create an authentic looking country style outdoor living space. Maybe rugged vinyl matches your criteria for enjoying a patio or deck that lasts for years to come.

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Patio Covers

You have several reasons to install a custom outdoor patio cover. First, custom outdoor patio covers offer climate control options to maximize the comfort of the guests you entertain at intimate family gatherings and large bashes to celebrate a wedding or anniversary. You can add heaters around the perimeter or overhead beneath the patio cover canopy to prevent winter chill from making everyone uncomfortable. Equipment that generates a fine mist alleviates the discomfort of stifling Garland, TX summer heat. Just the shade provided by a patio cover canopy can decrease the temperature inside of an outdoor living space by as much as 10 degrees.

The installation of a custom outdoor patio cover on a deck or patio connected to the back door leading to the kitchen creates an outdoor kitchen. If you entertain large groups of guests throughout the year, the installation of an outdoor kitchen expands the space needed to feed everyone attending the big bashes. You can also purchase a custom outdoor patio cover to create space for a bar or an area to prep food for a culinary adventure.

See the Light Outdoor Patio Covers Brighten the Party

A patio cover allows you to attach lights to brighten the ambiance of a dinner party or wedding
reception. The team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction recommends the right lighting systems for our customers. We also suggest custom outdoor patio cover designs that maximize sunlight, which means you can place potted plants within the covered outdoor living area to promote a green space. Some of our loyal customers like to grow plants and vegetables under a patio cover canopy that supports plenty of natural and artificial light. Lighting options to consider include chandeliers and light bulbs strung along support beams.

Review Garland, TX Home Services Contractor Credentials

Before you decide on a home services company in Garland, Texas to install a custom outdoor patio cover, make sure you spend time reading online reviews of the companies found on sites such as Yelp and Google. Moreover, find out the rating the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given a home service company and do not settle for second best. A BBB rating of A+ is what you need to look for when reviewing the credentials of Garland, TX home services contractors.

After you review the credentials amassed by Brinker Construction, you can stop your search for the right home service contractor in Garland, Texas. Our experienced team of custom outdoor patio cover specialists ensures you enjoy entertaining guests under a strong structure throughout the year.

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