Since 1981, our customers have to come us to help them discover the best way to get the most of their backyards. After all, how much value do a swing set and a bunch of bushes add to the value of your home?

Our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals makes designing and installing outdoor living spaces a priority for Garland, TX homeowners. With central Texas offering around the year warmth, you get the most out of your new outdoor living space from January through December. An outdoor entertainment area expands the guest list for prominent social events, such as a wedding reception and college graduation party. You do not answer the question “Should I create a beautiful outdoor living space.” You answer the question “What type of outdoor living space is best for my home.”

How to Furnish Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Brinker Construction works closely with Garland, Texas homeowners to design and install the right outdoor living spaces. Our dedicated team of home improvement experts takes customer service to the next level by offering furniture recommendation for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Present a Mediterranean Sea furniture motif by purchasing furniture designed by French and Spanish artisans. Contemporary looking furniture presents a refined appearance that includes clean lines and conservative colors. Pillows and cushions fluffed for placement on outdoor sofas enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space. Asian-inspired furnishings present vivid colors that highlight the unique designs of gazebos and pergolas. Plants such as bamboo and camellias finish the dazzling design of Far East designed couch and coffee table

The Options for Outdoor Living Spaces for Garland, TX Homeowners

When you work with our team of customer first professionals, you can expect superior customer service that includes a recommendation on the best outdoor living space for your home. You can opt for a closed pergola, which offers plenty of privacy to host corporate social events. We encourage many of customers to set up a pergola next to a side of their homes to produce a closed section of the outdoor living structure. We can design a pergola to cover your garden and/or poll, as well as add a stylish pergola at the end of the driveway.

Square and rectangular shaped pergolas contrast in design with gazebos, which are always designed with an oval or round shape. Gazebos offer the ideal outdoor living space for hosting dinner parties. We design gazebos large enough to design an outdoor kitchen that includes plenty of additional seating for the guests attending your next big bash. Eight symmetrically attached columns offer plenty of support to for gazebos. Most gazebos designed with an outdoor kitchen in mind accommodate groups between five to 15 guests.

Weather Resistant Area to Entertain Guests

An outdoor living space represents the ideal structure to prevent rains and wind from dampening your detailed planning. Even with open ended gazebos and pavilions, the customer service professionals at Brinker Construction can attach flaps that you open and close depending on what the central Texas skies bring to Garland, TX homeowners. Our sturdy outdoor living spaces withstand the fury of a Dallas metroplex thunderstorm, as well as offer a warm place to party outdoors when temperatures decline in winter. You can also add heaters attached to strong support beams to keep your new outdoor living structure comfortably warm.

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has led the way in Garland, Texas in providing the best home services. Call our office or complete the online contact form today to schedule an appointment with one of our home improvement specialists.