When you decide to put in an outdoor kitchen, you need to turn to the most trusted home services company operating in Garland, TX. Since 1981, Brinker Construction has designed and installed custom outdoor kitchens for homeowners all across the Dallas metroplex.

We start by discussing the design of a new grill, which you should make the feature piece of equipment for the outdoor cooking area. If you plan to grill plenty of meats, install a gas grill that includes infrared or searing burners to ensure the meats retain natural juices. If you like to rotisserie cook chicken, then you need to add a rotisserie rack located adjacent to the grill.

Ensuring the proper storage temperature for your meat and produce is another important aspect of any outdoor kitchen design. Keeping meat and produce out of the temperature danger zone blazing Texas heat waves requires the purchase of a refrigeration unit that kicks out more than enough chill. You can opt for a refrigeration unit that includes an automatic shut down feature to prevent freezer burns. No custom outdoor kitchen constructed is complete until we have designed a prep area for you to get a head start on your feast.

Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Why do we recommend the design and installation of custom outdoor kitchens for our Garland, Texas customers? It all starts with an increase in home value. Adding an outdoor kitchen appreciates the value of your home because you have created another room to entertain guests or enjoy a quiet meal with a loved one. An outdoor kitchen expands the amount of room you have to prepare and cook meals for large group guests. By locating a custom outdoor kitchen next to the door leading to the indoor kitchen, you produce more space to prep items by moving the prep table outdoors and out of the way of the aspiring chef making a masterful meal. You can build an outdoor kitchen that extends a table from one of the sides to cook and eat your favorite dishes under the stars and around fresh air.

Overview of a BBQ Island

It is a beautiful spring day in Garland, TX, and you have invited some of the neighbors over for dinner. The adults relax under the covered patio and the kids frolic in the pool. Where does that leave you: slaving away inside preparing the meal? Why miss out on all the outdoor fun, when you can order a custom made BBQ island. Instead of designing and installing a full blown kitchen outdoors, you might only need a little space to grill meats and vegetables. The home services professionals at Brinker Construction offer design BBQ islands to include a wide variety of features, such as sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, elevated wet bars, and porcelain countertops. When it comes to entertaining family members or guests attending a large wedding reception, we have what you need to grill over wood, propane, or natural gas heat. Do you want drawers and cupboards designed into a BBQ island? The customer first professionals at Brinker Construction have you covered.

Garland, TX Homeowners Cook with Style Using Custom Outdoor Kitchens

For more than 35 years, our team of dedicated home improvement experts has made a huge difference in the appearance of the home owned by Garland, Texas. From adding a custom pergola to installing a fence around the perimeter of your property, you know the job will get done right by the licensed and bonded home services specialists at Brinker Construction.

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