Does experience matter when it comes to choosing the right Garland, Texas home services company to install a fence around the backyard?

You bet it does.

The installation of fencing around your property represents a significant expense from the home improvement budget. An inexperienced team of home improvement employees has the potential to produce substantial fencing project cost overruns, as well as irreparably damage parts of your property. When it comes to the installation of fencing, you cannot afford to cut cost corners by hiring a company with only a few years in business.

You need to work with Brinker Construction, the leading home services company in Garland, Texas for more than 35 years.

Why Garland, Texas Homeowners Install Fences

Before we set foot on your property to determine the right fence for your property, one of our experienced fencing specialists will spend some time explaining the reasons why installing a fence is the right home improvement decision.

First, the installation of a fence increases your property value by improving curb appeal and securing your possessions. Wood and picket fences typically generate the highest return on a fencing investment. Second, fencing presents a major obstacle for furry creatures to overcome. Yes, squirrels can climb fences and rabbits have the uncanny ability to squeeze in between some fencing spaces. However, we worry more about large rodents that cause serious injuries from biting and clawing. Installing a fence also ensures pets and children remain on your property and not wandering dangerously through the neighborhood. Many of the customize fences we design come with kid-resistant locks.

When Privacy Matters

Some of the Garland, TX homeowners we work with make privacy the number one criterion for adding a fence. Privacy fences create a feeling of tranquility in an urban area such as Dallas. Although height of plays a role in choosing the right privacy fence, you also have to select a fencing style that includes no spaces between panels. For example, cedar wood panels should connect to prevent anyone on the outside from looking into your backyard.
We help Garland, Texas homeowners find the right balance between 100% seclusion and a view of the surrounding neighborhood. Moreover, we know how to complement the design of your home by installing an attractive privacy fence. Our team of licensed and bonded home services experts will recommend the addition of an outdoor living space to enhance the privacy established by your new fence. Structures such as gazebos and pavilions make outstanding outdoor living spaces for hosting private wedding receptions.

What to Look for in a Home Services Company

Garland, TX homeowners have to consider several factors before selecting the right home services company to install fencing. Experience is important, but experience at performing inferior fence installation projects is not what you want in a home improvement company.

Check out the online reviews a home services company has received on reputable sites such as Yelp and Google. Review the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating given to a Dallas area home services company. Any rating below an A+ is unacceptable. In addition, see if a company under consideration has received any complaints uploaded on the company’s BBB page. We also encourage Garland, Texas homeowners to seek referrals from friends, family members, and professional colleagues. After asking around, you most likely will find at least one customer who had a great experience working with Brinker Construction on the installation of high-quality fencing.

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