Custom Pergolas and Gazebos for Frisco, Texas Homeowners

For nearly 30 years, Brinker Construction has earned the reputation for offering efficient and long lasting roofing services. What you might not know is our Dallas based home services company also provides homeowners with services that enhance the value of their homes. One home improvement strategy Brinker Construction often recommends involves the installation of custom pergolas and gazebos for Frisco, Texas homeowners.

Why Frisco Homeowners Should Consider Custom Pergolas and Gazebos

Adding one or more gazebos and/or pergolas to your backyard space immediately increases the value of your home. Both outdoor structures possess considerable visual appeal, from placing two pergolas around a fountain to installing a gazebo as the design center of your outdoor entertainment space. The dedicated team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction walks our customers through every design option to ensure you find the right look for your backyard. You can go with a streamlined modern design or place a decorative structure next to a deck or patio.

Take Advantage of Climbing Flowers in Frisco, Texas

Walk or drive through any Frisco neighborhood and you should see several homes basking in the floral glory of vines and climbing flowers. Bright colors leap out at you to keep your attention focused on the homes offering refuge for the beautiful plants. Installing a pergola or gazebo allows plants such as wisteria and clematis to find permanent homes. The climbing vines and plants weave in and out of outdoor structures to create an unforgettable display that will have your guests buzzing for weeks.

Gazebos Offer Security

Many outdoor structures do not include overhead protection. From inclement weather to falling tree branches, you enjoy a peace of mind by placing a gazebo strategically close to your back door. The inviting ambiance presented by gazebos attracts the interest of value conscious homeowners. However, the real value of the sturdy structures is the protection that makes entertaining outside as safe as keeping your guests entertained inside of your home.

What Design Ideas Work Best for Custom Gazebos and Pergolas?

Frisco, TX homeowners have several options for adding a customized pergola and/or gazebo in the outdoor living area. You can go the classic Lone Star State route by adding a gazebo that presents a down home lodge design. Lodge style gazebos exude a laid back atmosphere that will put all of your guests at ease. Brinker Construction creates authentic looking lodge style gazebos that include fiberglass to ensure rugged durability. If you want to open up the space for a pergola, consider ordering one of our contemporary pavilion designs. Pavilion pergolas produce plenty of open space similar to the designs of much larger outdoor pavilions used to host live concerts and theatrical productions. Faux timber pergola and gazebo designs give your backyard a rustic feel, without sacrificing high quality materials. We integrate fiberglass into the design of faux timber gazebos and pergolas to create a structure that lasts you for years to come.

Frisco, TX: Ideal Location for Custom Pergolas and Gazebos

Why is Frisco, Texas the perfect location for homeowners to add pergolas and gazebos? The answer lies in the stormy weather Frisco receives each spring and summer. The gazebos and pergolas designed by Brinker Construction withstand the worst weather Mother Nature has to offer. Our structures remain in pristine condition after strong thunderstorms wreak havoc on roofs and homes. Even if a storm drops damaging hail and strong winds on your pergola or gazebo, Brinker construction takes immediate steps to return your outdoor living space to its original condition.

Contact Brinker Construction today by phone or via our website contact page to schedule an initial consultation that determines the best pergola and/or gazebo for your home.