Since the early 1800s, pavilions have been an outdoor structure feature found in most municipal parks in the United States. It was not until the 20th century that the open outdoor structure began to pop up on the property of homeowners who wanted to add an affordable outdoor living space. Initially designed for entertaining large groups of guests, pavilions now offer you several other benefits that include enjoying a small, quiet outdoor living space to read the latest novel written by your favorite author.

Whether you want to install a custom outdoor pavilion for hosting picnics or having a secluded place to get away from it all, the customer first team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction will help you find the right pavilion design in Frisco, Texas.

What to Look for in the Right Outdoor Pavilion

Several factors come into play for choosing the right outdoor pavilion for your backyard. First, you have to consider the size of the backyard. A pavilion built to scale blends in perfectly with the other features and structures that create the ideal backyard ambiance. One of the first things we do at Brinker Construction is to take accurate measurements of your backyard perimeter to design the right outdoor pavilion for your home.

Next, we consider the design of your home exterior. You want your home to shine aesthetically and any pavilion you select must complement the exterior home design. The expert home improvement experts at Brinker Construction offer several materials options, with wood and vinyl representing the two most popular materials used to design custom outdoor pavilions in Frisco, TX. Do you want an open design for your pavilion? Pavilions typically are shaped as squares and rectangles, with each of the four sides open to invite the sights and sounds of nature to your next party.

Types of Custom Outdoor Pavilions for Frisco, Texas Homeowners

We have already mentioned wood and vinyl pavilions. What other features define the different types of custom outdoor pavilions for Frisco, TX homeowners? One feature is the ability to lower and raise flaps to accommodate the wild weather changes found in the Dallas metroplex. You can add vinyl flaps to wood pavilions and enjoy dry comfort when Mother Nature unleashes a deluge.

Custom outdoor pavilions come with a wide variety of roof styles. You can opt for wood shingles to present a Texas Hill Country appearance or select metal roofing that is rust resistant to provide you with decades of high-performance use. Do you want a smaller type of pavilion for your own use or a spacious outdoor living structure that is large enough to host wedding receptions? Work with our team of pavilion experts to choose the right type of pavilion for your home.

Turn to Brinker Construction for Outdoor Pavilion Design Ideas

Did you know the decision to add a cupola to your outdoor pavilion enhances the style of your new outdoor living structure? The recommendation of features separates Brinker Construction from other home services businesses located in Frisco, TX. We can design a pavilion large enough for an outdoor kitchen or small enough to fit a recliner for you to relax in after a busy day at work. We also encourage our loyal customers to consider different post styles to enhance the design of an outdoor pavilion. You can improve the appearance of your new pavilion by adding extra trim around the bottom half of each post.

To ensure you receive the best customer service for the installation of a new pavilion, contact Brinker Construction today to schedule an initial consultation.