Frisco, Texas homeowners live in a temperate climate that allows them to entertain guests outdoors throughout the year. Yes, an occasional blast from Old Man Winter covers the Dallas metroplex for a few days, but the fleeing cold soon gives way to more warmth. During the colder months of the year, Frisco, TX homeowners need some type of cover to keep the elements out of pergolas, gazebos, and outdoor patios. For your patio, Brinker Construction offers a wide variety of patio cover designs that blend into the design of your home, while providing protection against the worst weather delivered by Mother Nature.


What are Outdoor Patio Covers?


The standard outdoor patio cover contains a material that prevents inclement weather from dampening your day and damaging patio furniture. Typically attached to your home, patio covers consist of two posts or beams that support the outer section of the cover.  You have the option to open or close the top, depending on the weather. An open patio cover allows sun to brighten a party, while a closed patio makes sure you can stay comfortably dry outside. The team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction suggests different custom patio designs that enhance the appearance of your home. Most patio covers are affordable accessories fitting within family home improvement budgets.


Why Frisco Homeowners Should Consider Patio Covers

When a customer asks us why he or she should invest in a patio cover, we list several reasons that make installing one of our patio covers a no brainer. A patio cover adds sophistication to the appearance of your patio. It has the visual appeal to make your outdoor deck look much more elegant, which gives you an outdoor structure that is perfect for hosting formal dinner parties. Cover options include solid, lattice, and solid-lattice hybrids to ensure you select a patio cover design that complements the design of your home.


Patio covers also do an outstanding job of protecting your guests from strong storms. You can install a patio cover that not only offers above the head protection against bad weather, but also covers the sides of the patio to prevent rain from ruining your big event. Patio covers keep wind gusts from blowing over napkins, as well as regulate how much sun shines down on your party. In addition to ensuring the comfort of your guests, patio covers protect outdoor furniture to provide years of high performance use. Finally, purchasing a patio cover will not drain your home improvement budget.


Patio Cover Designs with More Decoration Options

Many Frisco, Texas homeowners enjoy backyard patios that are built into their homes. The installation of a patio cover increases your decoration options to give you daily design flexibility. Hold an informal lunch and then turn your patio into a fiesta at night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. You can secure a string of lights and lanterns around the edges of the patio or hang candles in sconces to create a romantic dinner for two. Patio covers also offer strong support for signs and banners to congratulate a colleague on a job well done.


No matter why you want to install a patio cover, the team of home services experts at Brinker Construction will make sure you find the right patio cover for your outdoor entertainment area. From a wood patio cover that creates a rustic vibe to a metal patio cover glimmering under the sun, we will help you prevent Mother Nature from making an uninvited entrance into your next bash.


Call Brinker Construction or leave your contact information on our website to schedule a consultation for installing your new patio cover.