Since 1981, the home services professionals at Brinker Construction have helped our Frisco, Texas customers choose the best outdoor living spaces for their backyards. The mild central Texas climate makes creating outdoor living spaces in Frisco the perfect way to entertain guests who attend wedding receptions and birthday celebrations.

We spend considerable time examining the area in your backyard, which includes taking meticulous measurements and removing objects that open up more space. Our goal is not only to design the right outdoor living space, it also involves ensuring you remain within your home improvement budget. Our dedicated team of home services experts explains the reasons for creating your new outdoor living area, as well as discusses the types of spaces that transform your backyard into the talk of the neighborhood.

Why We Recommend an Outdoor Living Space for Your Home

Why do we recommend an outdoor living space for your home? Installing a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion instantly increases the value of your property. You create an additional room for adding stylish furniture, as well as equipment that turns your outdoor space into a fully functional kitchen. An outdoor living space expands the amount of room you have to entertain guests. You change your home from a place to entertain a few guests into a venue that invites dozens of guests to a large gala. We work with our loyal customers to devise outdoor living spaces that offer more seating for dinner guests, as well as produce an outdoor home theater for showing the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

What Type of Outdoor Backyard Works Best for You?

Laying the brick for a patio or connecting durable wood to form a deck represents the typical outdoor area addition that we create for Frisco, TX homeowners. Decks and patios typically cost less than other types of outdoor backyard entertainment area, and the affordable outdoor living spaces can eventually complement the installation of more expensive ideas such as a gazebo or a pavilion.

Gazebos can dramatically improve the look of your backyard, without you having to take out a second mortgage to finance the project. Designed in a round or oval shape, gazebos create an intimate setting for entertaining a small group of friends and family members. If you are familiar with the design of many Roman structures, then you have a good idea of how a home pavilion should look in your backyard. Pavilions typically are open ended structures that allow fresh air to circulate and the sun to add a comforting glow to any celebration.


Entertain Your Guests under a Stylish Pergola

Frisco, TX homeowners who want to create the most aesthetically appealing outdoor living space should consider adding a pergola in the backyard. Pergolas are designed with four sides to conform to the shape of most backyards. The custom designed pergolas offered by Brinker Construction turn ordinary looking backyards into architectural marvels. Attach a custom designed pergola to your backyard deck or place one of the sides along your patio to create a seamless transition from the inside of your home to the new outdoor living space.


Enhance the appearance of your home by hiring Brinker Construction to design and install a custom outdoor living space. Our team of home services experts will meet with you to determine what you want and what you can afford for installing an additional entertainment area. We list the advantages of each type of design idea to provide a comprehensive analysis of your options.


Contact Brinker Construction today to get the ball rolling on the design of your new outdoor living space.