Brinker Construction designs custom outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands for several reasons. The outdoor living spaces offer you’re the perfect place to entertain guests. Think of the open kitchens you see on television cooking shows. By adding an outdoor kitchen, you immediately enjoy a large increase the value of your home. Do you need more space to apply your culinary skills? An outdoor kitchen allows you to grill and smoke meats to give you more space indoors to create secret sauces and delectable desserts.


Planning the Design of Custom Outdoor Kitchens


The team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction sits down with every one of our customers to design unique outdoor kitchens. We start by discussing the design of the grill, which should be the cornerstone of your new outdoor kitchen. Aspiring chefs who love to sizzle steaks and pork chops should install a gas grill that includes infrared or searing burners to ensure the meats retain natural juices. If you like to rotisserie cook chicken, then you need to add a rotisserie rack located adjacent to the grill.


Cooking is one thing, but ensuring the proper storage temperature for your meat and produce is quite another factor to consider. Refrigeration of meat and produce under the blazing Texas sun requires the purchase of a refrigeration unit that kicks out more than enough chill. You can opt for a refrigeration unit that includes an automatic shut down feature to prevent freezer burns. No custom outdoor kitchen constructed is complete until we have designed a prep area for you to get a head start on your feast.


Custom Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens in Frisco, TX

One of the best reasons for installing an outdoor BBQ island is the enjoyment of cooking at night. However, you need to add an effective lighting system, such as the installation of halogen bulbs directly over the grill and stove. By attaching a ceiling fan to a sturdy roof, you create wide lighting coverage, while circulating the air to keep you feeling energized. If a custom outdoor kitchen we design comes with a slotted arbor, we recommend installing a lighting system in a damp location. Choosing the best lighting system for your custom outdoor kitchen not only helps you achieve your culinary vision, it also helps you organize the equipment and ingredients you need to master cooking skills.


Brinker Construction Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Brinker Construction custom outdoor kitchen plans include popular straight line kitchens. We add straight line outdoor kitchens against a wall to ensure stability and ease of access to ingredients. Straight line outdoor kitchens work best for Frisco, Texas homeowners who plan to construct smaller spaces to cook meals. Kitchen islands create a more social ambiance, as your guests gather around the kitchen to watch you work the grill and stove. We suggest the design of a U-shaped kitchen for homeowners who want to install a dishwasher and a bar area. Before we recommend a custom outdoor kitchen and BBQ island design, we want to take accurate measurements of your backyard to create the right size outdoor cooking area for your home.


Building a custom outdoor kitchen is creating an extension of your indoor culinary space. The team of home services experts at Brinker Construction encourages our loyal Frisco, TX customers to design an outdoor kitchen next to the door leading to the indoor cooking area. The outdoor kitchen design idea expands the space you have to cook, as well as gives you quick access to what you need to grill and saute inside.


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