You just moved into your dream home and you immediately notice you forgot an important factor in the purchase of the new home.

Your property is wide open for human and animal invaders

On average, a new property fence costs between $3,000 and $8,000. The cost of a new fence depends on many factors, including the size of your property and the degree of slope where you want to install the fence.


The accomplished team of home improvement professionals at Brinker Construction is the leader fence installation leader in Frisco, Texas.


Frisco, TX Families Love Brinker Construction Fences


Brinker Construction takes a family first approach to installing fences for our Frisco, Texas customers. Whether you have kids or have family and friends over who bring along children, you need to create a physical barrier that protects youngsters from a wide variety of security threats. Wood and vinyl fences prevent outsiders from looking into your property. The rugged, no-open view fences also prevent curious children from wandering out into the great unknown. If you live near or along a busy stretch of road, one of our highly rated safety fences will keep your young loved ones out of harm’s way. A wood or vinyl fence is also an effective way to encourage the time-tested axiom of “The dog is all bark and no bite.” What criminals hear, but cannot see, will discourage them from entertaining thoughts of illegal entrance onto your property

Types of Outdoor Fence Styles

The team of fencing professionals at Brinker Construction spends time with our loyal customers describing the types of outdoor fence styles we offer. An estate or a paddock style fence represents an aesthetically appealing style fence that does not bust the family budget. Popular split rail fences create a visible boundary around your property, while not sending a “Keep out” message to your neighbors. Split rail fences exude country charm, which makes the fence style a hit among homeowners who live in large metropolitan areas such as Dallas, TX. If you are a Frisco, TX homeowner in search of the classic rustic fencing look, sit down with one of our home services experts to review the wide variety of picket fence options.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fence Style for Your Frisco, TX Home

When you turn to Brinker Construction for your home fencing needs, you work with an experienced team of home services specialists that do much more than sell you a fence. We help our loyal customers follow several buying tips for selecting the right fence for their homes. The first order of business is to determine why you want to install a fence around your property. Is the fence for privacy, security, or ensuring the safety of your children and pets? Do you want to build a fence to increase the value of your home? Once you decide why you want fencing around the perimeter of your property, you are ready to narrow your options down to a few fence styles.

The second tip for installing a fence involves the potentially costly expense of fence maintenance. Do you have the time to perform maintenance, such as refilling post holes and applying rust resistant coatings? Our highly rated team of fencing professionals makes sure our loyal customers choose fencing that requires the least amount of maintenance to save them both time and money. Vinyl and aluminum fences typically cost less time and money to maintain than the maintenance needed for other types of home fencing in Frisco, Texas.

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