Installing Custom Pergolas in Flower Mound, TX

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has provided highly rated home services for Flower Mound, Texas homeowners. One of the home services that has become popular in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex suburb are outdoor living spaces, such as custom designed pergolas. Our team of licensed and bonded professionals helps you get the most out of a backyard space that can act as the focal point for a dinner party and as the place where you get away from it all.

Not only do we design and install beautiful custom pergolas, we also make sure you have immediate access to our team of home improvement experts 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our emergency home services gives our customer the peace of mind knowing that when a classic central Texas thunderstorm blows through, we are ready to spring into action and restore your pergola to mint condition. Your pergola might need a few tweaks in the rafters or the replacement of a few support beams. Whatever you need to repair a custom pergola, Brinker Construction is ready to make it happen.

How to Get the Most Out of a Pergola

Adding a custom pergola in the backyard enhances the appearance of most outdoor living spaces. The installation of a custom pergola will increase the value of your home because you have added square footage to the property, as well as improved the curb appeal of your house. Brinker Construction helps Flower Mound, TX homeowners get the most out of custom pergolas by suggesting a few simple tips that take ordinary pergolas to the next level of home beauty.

You should consider adding outdoor furniture to turn an ordinary outdoor living space into a second living room. Outdoor furniture strategically placed under a custom pergola improves the traffic flow at a party and it gives your guests more leg room to enjoy optimal comfort. By hanging privacy curtains, you prevent nosy neighbors from intruding on your party and prevent the blazing central Texas sun from diminishing the good time had by all. To fight back against the blistering summer heat, install cooling fans and/or portable air conditioners to keep your guest refreshingly cool throughout a wedding reception or family reunion.

Make Cooking the Central Theme of a Pergola

One of the most common ways to get the most out of a pergola is to turn the outdoor living space into a second kitchen. A new barbecue grill expands the area you have to prepare a delicious meal for a large group of guests. Add a refrigerator to store the food items you need to prep and you maximize the amount of room for demonstrating your grill master skills. We offer safety tips for our Flower Mound, Texas clients, including suggestions on the best place to position a barbecue grill to enhance fire prevention. You can also install a multiple purpose fire pit if you want a second space for lighter cooking.

Call Us for a Free Inspection

Brinker Construction implements a two step strategy for creating custom pergolas for Flower Mound, TX homeowners. We visit your home to perform a thorough inspection to determine the optimal location to build a custom pergola. After a couple of days back at the office, we stop by your home a second time to present our plan to make the backyard more beautiful. We give you a detailed plan on what to expect when we perform your home improvement project.

Contact Brinker Construction today to schedule a free home inspection for installing a custom pergola.