Why Decks and Patios are a Good Investment

The best home investments are ones that add multi-functional value. Installing modern stainless steel appliances for example improves both your energy efficiency as well as your kitchen aesthetics. Radiant floor heating improves the comfort of your home (quality of living) while cutting down on heating bills. It’s easy to see that most of the multi-functional renovations would be on your home’s interior but there are a few reasons why decks and patios are a good investment – perhaps one of the best.

Increased Living Space

Having a contractor do an addition to your home seems like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want the extra space for either a bedroom, home office, or entertainment setting? What many homeowners fail to consider is that this extra space has higher tax implications and it presents more square footage that needs to be heated and cooled.

Building a deck improves your liveable space with just a one-time cost (except for staining and maintenance). By taking “dead area” of a lawn and turning it into liveable, functional space you’ve greatly improved the value of your home in the long run.

Decks and Patios are a Good Investment Because They Improve Quality of Living

Decks and patios are one of the 10 features that really catch a home buyer’s eye. The best thing about them though is that you can enjoy them now and still get a solid return on your investment 5-10 years from now. It’s hard to put a price tag on the mental clarity that relaxing out on your deck provides. Patios and decks are entertaining areas that create a more spacious kitchen by allowing guests to converse outside. Build a deck around a hot tub and you’re really talking about some property upgrades.

Decks and Patios Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Decks and patios are impressive features that make your home look more luxurious. Wraparound decks make the home appear larger and can break up the monotony of an otherwise plain property. If a deck is placed on a second story it has the dual benefits of creating a shaded space underneath that can be a great place to store lawn equipment out of the snow and rain.

Different Deck Materials Can Be Maintenance Free

One of the reasons homeowners think decks and patios are a good investment is because they have the option to stain the deck different colors over the years and thus freshen up the look of the space. Another reason they are popular is because people have the option to avoid that process altogether if so wanted. Composition deck materials are made of a plastic-wood fiber combination that requires little to no maintenance and can stand up to wear and tear from the elements.

Decks and patios are a good investment because they check many of the boxes for a multi-functional home renovation project. You don’t have to pay to heat or cool them, they improve your home aesthetics and the smell of the grill definitely boosts your quality of living.

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